There were plenty of things that upset us in 2014: two of our favourite Melbourne bands, Damn Terran and Snakadaktal, decided to call it quits; U2 forced their abomination of a record into our lives in a way no-one before had thought possible; ‘booty songs’ became a thing; and quite a few talented musicians shuffled off this mortal coil including the brilliant Doc Neeson, Isaiah Ikey Owens and Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus. But when we started thinking back we decided that one thing stood out as ‘The Worst of 2014’:


Redfoo kept making the news this year, firstly for being glassed in a Sydney bar in August (which actually sucks, and if we could stop doing this to people would be great) but then again for appearing on Play-N-Skillz’ ‘song’ ’Literally I Can’t’, which is widely (and accurately) regarded as the worst and most offensive release of 2014. Petitions to get him kicked off The X-Factor rolled around but ultimately did nothing and, rather than apologise, Redfoo decided that we all didn’t understand the joke. We do now Redfoo, the joke is you.

Let’s leave it in 2014.

Happy New Year!

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