To celebrate The Blurst of Times Festival’s first Melbourne date this Sunday, we asked a handful of bands on the lineup to answer a few (mostly) relevant questions. Charles and Harriette from Babagnouj were happy to oblige and so here is the first instalment of our Blurst Q&A Ever!

How does it feel to be playing the inaugural Melbourne leg of the Blurst of Times?

Charles – It feels good! I didn’t get to go to the previous Blurst of Times in Brisbane because I was away somewhere doing something apparently more important.

Which do you prefer: boutique or fullblown festival?

Harriette – Boutique, because it’s easier to see the stage.
Charles – But fullblown festivals let you drink the finest moderately priced mid-strength beer so maybe that’s a better option?

What was your first festival as a punter? And as a band?

Charles – Livid. I think it was the last Livid ever. I probably had cargo shorts and a wallet chain. The Living End played I think.
Harriette – Sounds of Spring in like ’08? The Red Paintings played, who Jack our drummer used to roadie for.

Who are you most thrilled to be sharing the stage with?

Charles – The Hard Ons, I dunno if we’re sharing a stage with us, but they are great. They have this song called ‘There Goes One Of The Creeps Who Hassled My Girlfriend’ which I relate to.

What are your thoughts on crowd surfing at shows? There’s been a pretty big kerfuffle about it recently.

Harriette – I’d be too scared that noone would catch me to do it myself.

Charles – I think people maybe need to be more concerned about each other at shows. No one crowd surfs at our show anyway cuz we’re so wussy.

Favourite modern punk band?

Charles – Title Fight. I dunno if they’re considered cool or not, but they have a good production ethos and good songs.

What’s your favourite Simpsons quote?

Harriette – “All this computer hacking is making me thirsty. I think I’ll order a Tab *presses tab key*”

Charles – I wasn’t allowed to watch the Simpsons.

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