Soundwave organiser AJ Maddah has expressed his outrage at the closure of The Palace on Twitter. The closure was always going to have an impact on local tours by international acts, but it seems now it will also have a significant effect on the Soundwave tour, with AJ clearly struggling to find suitable venues for Melbourne Sidewaves.

With The Palace ceasing operations as a venue in May, Melbourne now has no 2000 capacity venues which AJ would need to host the mid-size bands on the Soundwave lineup. The Forum is the closest in size at 1400, and AJ has confirmed it is being used all 5 nights. The next size venue is the new Margaret Court Arena, which AJ advised is both too big and too expensive for the shows.

To say it’s a massive blow for the tour and Melbourne fans alike, is a ridiculous understatement. As yet, we aren’t sure which bands we will be missing out on but by the looks of things, it’s probably going to be a lot of them.

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