The latest in the long string of Australians to get massive overseas soon after deciding the Australian accent is just not on, Sia has released her newest album This is Acting to massive hype. However several folk, fans and critics alike, have fallen into intense debate as to what the ‘this’ in the title refers to. While the most popular belief is that it refers to her celebrity presence, Mac Renolds of the FYeahSia Tumblr page has disagreed, stating “It’s just too straightforward for her, referring to something in plain sight like that. There’s a lot of references to life and the end of it through the album, so it could be that but it still feels so obvious. I’m just stumped.”  Anthony Bol of The Herald Sun has stated he believes it to be a reference to the life of US presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley since ‘no one knows enough about [O’Malley] to prove otherwise. Even Kanye West, who produced and co-wrote the song ‘Reaper’ for the album, doesn’t know what it’s about. When asked about it, West responded ‘Don’t talk to me about that right now, I’ve got other shit to deal with.’ You can listen to This is Acting below.


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