We may have missed their first show on April the 1st (perhaps a cruel April Fool’s prank we played on both ourselves and you) but in recommending a residency for this month we couldn’t look past the dark trip-rock vibes of Kalacoma.

The first show featured support from Jaala (Cosima from Mangelwurzel’s solo spin-off) whose live shows bedroom demos have been getting quite a bit of attention already, and the ever wonderful Owen Rabbit so, obviously, we’re kicking ourselves fornot getting along. There are three more shows though: next April the 8th featuring Yes/No/Maybe and Lalić, a week off and then back on the 22nd with Mayfair Kytes and Constantine Stefanou, finishing up on the 29th with Jamil Zacharia and Dear Plastic, returning the favour after Kalacoma supported them for the last show of their Gasometer residency back in January.

After recently removing the live drummer from their lineup – an interesting choice given the complex and intricate rhythms contained in their music – we’re super keen to see how they make it work live, and what better way to work it out than with 4 Wednesday nights at The Workers Club. We’re expecting the four-piece to utilise some crazy beats, live looping, samples and percussion to create a pretty amazing and intense performance.


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