It was hard to go past Ecca Vandal‘s four date slog at Collingwood’s Gasometer Hotel when picking our recommended residency for the month of March. Somewhat of an enigma, Ecca Vandal has just a handful of live performances and only two singles behind her, so the fact that she had us hooked with freshly dropped track ‘Battle Royal’ means there’s bound to be something great on the horizon from this South African born Melbourne musician.

Citing Bjork as a musical hero, Miles Davis as an all-time favourite and Mr Bungle and Fugazi as heavy influences, Vandal’s diverse set of influences have paved the way for a musical prowess that crosses a score of genres. Joining her as support for her March residency will be Twinsy, The Cherry Dolls, Rara and Gatherer.

Ecca Vandal Residency

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