Rat vs Possum, Melbourne’s own electronic percussive experimenters, have announced a one-off reunion/farewell show for Sunday 1st November at Howler. A band that was once known for enrapturing live shows that most definitely involved copious amounts of glitter and wrapping the entire Workers Club in bubble wrap, Rat vs Possum called it quits in 2012. Now they’re back! The original four coming together for one last show to tie up loose ends. Joined by friends new and old including DJ sets by Ara Koufax, LA Pocock, MDMA (Melbourne Dance Music Association) and live performances by Simona Castricum, Fox Pflueger and MC Nevena Spirovska, the show is called Future Party in the Future.

Rat vs Possum founding member Matt Kulesza created a Facebook event in 2010 titled Future Party in the Future, in honour of the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown visit 2015 in Back to the Future II. The event has been sitting in my ‘Upcoming Events’ list for five years and now has come the time for the party to actually happen!

Now it may not be on the the actual date (Wednesday shows are hard) but still, it will be great to see RVP one more time and “celebrate the fact that we get a four-day weekend and fact that you’re a good human who understands that horse racing totally sucks”.

Pre-sale tickets are $10 and available here, $15 on the door


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