Melbourne’s pre-eminent 8-piece psychedelic rock group LAMA are a sight and sound to behold and, if you’ve been to gigs around Fitzroy and Brunswick in the past 5 years, you probably have. Or almost, at least. The band formerly known as Lamarama have a new lineup, a new attitude, a new single and a new album on the horizon. We had a chat to singer Dave Adams ahead of their double single launch with Humans As Animals.

First up, I have to ask a burning question: what happened to the ‘-rama’?
With so many new members, a completely new setlist of brand new tunes it made sense to change. Everyone calls us LAMA for short, so we just started calling it what it was already being called. A bit like how McDonald’s is totally changing it’s name to Macca’s now, how crazy is that!?

Not many bands can say they’re ‘down to 8 members’ but that’s what you’ve done. It’s still a lot of people to get on stage let alone in a room at the same time, right? How do you manage it all?
Not well. Actually it’s kinda fine, the band is split down the middle between the horn section and the rhythm section so that makes rehearsals manageable. Half the band live together too so that helps.

You guys have a very long list of published influences – Joni Mitchell, Tool and Bonjah to name a few – how does that work in the writing room?
We just write without thinking too much about where it’s coming from, we might reflect later and think wow, that section is very Tool, or very Aqua…

Are there any influences that you’ve perhaps been too embarrassed to mention before?

So you’re launching your new single ‘Eat!’ this week, the first taste of your upcoming debut album, but you’ve been playing for about 5 years. What took you so long?
We’ve been so content just gigging around the Fitzroy and Brunswick traps that we forgot to ever get an album happening! We had a debut EP a few years ago under our previous band name, but we always had a mothers club vibe about us. Now that we’ve revamped everything is just moving fast and we can’t wait to get the album out. Keep an eye.

And you’re co-headlining the show with Humans as Animals. How did that come together?
We’re friends. They’re nice boys, and so tall and handsome. Our music has something in common and yet very different. We’re a perfect pair. Their newest single features the LAMA horn section and it sounds absolutely incredible.

Finally, what’s next for LAMA?
Launching our single, finishing off our album and hitting the road with it! Hopefully we’ll be on a lot of festival bills soon too, this year and next is going to be crazy.

LAMA are launching ‘EAT!’ at 24 Moons Bar in Northcote on Friday night, co-headlining with Humans As Animals and with support from Dear Plastic and The Cactus Channel.

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