As you play ‘The Tower, Our World and Its Lovers’ for the first time, you may notice dust starting to blow into your line of sight, turning the world redder one second at a time. Don’t panic, this desertisation is natural whenever you spin the newest offering from Melbourne’s Kill The Darling. A piece of Australiana so well executed you wouldn’t be at fault attributing it to masters like Harmony or The Drones, Kill The Darling are launching ‘The Tower, Our World and its Lovers’ over at The Tote on March 31st, so you have until then to find your best duster and watch as the infamous haunt morphs into a Western. You can find ‘The Tower, Our World and Its Lovers’ below and purchase the track at or the group’s bandcamp page.

Thu 31st Mar – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC

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