Sydney four piece Palms have once again graced our ears with a large dose of fuzzy, straight out of the garage, surf rock, on their second studio album Crazy Rack.

Opening in exuberant fashion with lead single ‘Bad Apple,’ Palms use sizzling riffs to hypnotise the listener into grabbing their air guitar, and air shredding their way through the album’s entirety.

Top tracks include ‘No More’ with its brilliant marriage of guitar and percussion and ‘Sleep Too Much’ with its impressive vocal harmonies.  ‘Thoughts of You’ is a real highlight, lyrically it’s a modern day love song for those of us who are too cool for love songs. Musically the guitar grunts away and a ripping Weezer-esque solo in its second half is the track’s cherry on top. The second single off the album ‘Beatdown’ is one of those tracks that make you feel like you should be in a car with your head through the sunroof and your arms above your head, speeding down some sort of imaginary coastal highway in a feel good teen flick.

As a whole, Palms’ Crazy Rack is the guy at a party whose dance moves effortlessly combine a thrust and a head bang without spilling his beer. While on the surface it is disguised as a mess of screechy vocals and distorted guitar, combined, it creates a very well composed record.

Mia Burgess

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