Introduce yourself and describe you music in three words.
Howdy, I am a 20 year old musician based in Melbourne City named Evangeline. My music is Authentic, Metaphorical Stories.

Why or what made you want to get into music?
I’ve always loved music. For as long as I can remember I have always had a strong connection to it. I grew up doing musicals and found that through that time I never really fitted in. I loved the performance side but I hated feeling cheesy and singing other people’s songs. So fittingly when I was in high school my musical tastes ventured out and I was listening to heavier bands, falling in love with lyrics. I was studying Shakespeare and really started to write dark poems. I was in year eleven when my parents and I decided that I needed to be spending my full attention on music and I left high school to study music full time.

Who would be your biggest influence creatively?
The Amity Affliction. I feel like they are the reason I truly understand the idea of everyone’s personal ,creative license. I mean, I always wrote dark lyric content but they gave me a way to write and channel it towards a story. Not to write to make people sad but to write to let people know everyone feels sad at some point.

Your debut song ‘CHEMICVL’ (to be released 19th June) deals with the loss of a friend to drugs, why did you chose to write about something so personal and was it difficult to do?
When I wrote CHEMICVL I was at the end of a friendship, which brought back all sorts of memories from the subject of CHEMCIVL. It was at the time of my life when I was having flashbacks from growing up with my friend (subject of CHEMICVL) that did drugs. I was then making new friends that used drugs in a completely different way. With the raw feelings coming back of the drugs being used as a dark escape, I was also being introduced to a world where drugs were used as more a party escape. For me it wasn’t hard to write because I felt like I needed to. It all felt fresh and I just wanted to write a song to say I finally understood everything.

You’re a classically trained singer and pianist, how does that affect you creative process, considering there is a definite electronic edge to your music?
It definitely can give a haunting affect to my sound, which I like. I love pop music. I love Electronic music. I love being different.

Aside from the release of your debut single, what is coming up for Evangeline?
A hell of a lot of experimentation and new music. I am constantly writing. I am also re-working some of my older more pop rock based songs to a more accurate representation of where I am now. I really hope to get a show on the road too! I am in the middle of putting together a set with a fresh new helper, which is awesome and I am finally going to sound (hopefully) exactly how I want to sound live. I’ll be debuting this new formation at Shadow Electric on July 17, supporting Nussy.

Finally, if your music was the soundtrack to a film, what would the movie be about?
It would be a film about a relationship. A really dark film about a relationship. Haha!

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