mewithoutYou are the closest thing you will find to distilled sadness. Every one of their five albums hits hard square in the heart, as vicious and unrelenting in 2012’s Fox’s Dream of a Log Flume as their first album A to B Life. The band have recently finished up work on recording the as yet untitled LP6 and are currently touring the country for the first time since the inaugural Melbourne Soundwave with Sail On! Sail On! So Cleatus sat down and spoke with vocalist Aaron Weiss about how such a young band have inspired so many artists so quickly, how the LP has been coming along and if he has any relation to anyone else in the scene…

Are you at all related to Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It)?

Not that I know of… but some of my friends used to call me Evan, which I never liked. Actually, looking back, I’m not sure I’d consider those guys my friends.

How do you feel about the return to the wider public’s eye that emo is currently going through?

I feel like a man whose dying wish is to be driven off a seaside cliff in his pickup truck, who is then granted that wish, but then starts to have second thoughts as the truck is falling.

What’s it like to know you influenced this with mewithoutYou’s earlier works?

It’s like being a cat waiting by the refrigerator for its owner to open the refrigerator, hoping it will get some milk; and the owner does open it, but only to get orange juice, and there’s no milk there. The cat’s still going to survive.

Is it odd to see this legacy you’ve created for these kids that some of which are in the same generation as you?

What strikes me as odd at the moment is the use of the word “legacy” with regard to my band. I’ll take it as a compliment, and not as a euphemism for aging…

Will this tour be a continuation of the Catch For Us the Foxes anniversary tour?

No, I don’t think of it that way. I expect we’ll play a pretty even mix of songs from most or all of our records, rather than focusing in on just one.

So, what is the current state of LP6?

The tracking is all finished, and it’s being mixed now. We’ve just started working on the album layout, talking with potential labels, and making a game plan for touring this spring/summer once it comes out. The unpleasant work is all done, and typically I enjoy this phase.

Have you been influenced at all in writing LP6 by going back and playing Catch For Us the Foxes? How?

It’s hard to say. We’ve definitely returned to some of the approaches we used back in our earlier days, for example with the songwriting process, instrumentation choices, or an overall more aggressive sound.

Will it be at all character driven like 10 Stories?

Not explicitly. Much more 1st person this time. Though this still feels like a kind of a multi-character-driven approach, it probably won’t come across that way.

How does it feel coming back down here for the first time since Soundwave 2008?

One of our guys is deathly afraid of flying, so he’s not so thrilled about the airplane rides, but otherwise we’re all super grateful and excited. That trip in 2008 took place during one of the most intense times of my life, so I have some strong memories of that tour. The people who run Soundwave were really good to us, even though we were only touring as half a band at the time.

Did you know that the festival is actual one if the biggest in Aus now?

No wonder they haven’t asked us back…

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