After finishing up 2014 with their latest single ‘Anytime Anywhere’ getting high rotation on Triple J, garage rockers Magic Bones set out to start 2015 in style by embarking on a national co-headline tour with local magician one man band, Harts. Bassist Mike Hales had a chat with Wes about their plans for 2015, weird comparisons and getting picked up by Triple J.

How has 2015 been working out for you so far?

Pretty good, pretty good. We’ve just been on tour. We just started the tour with Harts – played two shows on the weekend. And we brought in 2015 with a show at the Espy on New Year’s Eve so that was pretty fun.

Did you have any new year’s resolutions?

Ahhh…haha… not really? Well, our resolution as a band is probably to get an album out this year so that’s kind of what’s driving us.

So with the co-headline tour, you guys are a bit different soundwise. You’ve both got rock elements but you guys I guess are more of a rock band than Harts is. Is it meshing together well?

I think it’s definitely a different demographic to what we’re used to that’s coming along to the shows but people seem to be enjoying it and I guess we’re getting exposed to a different crowd and vice versa for him so, hopefully it works out. So far, so good.

You played the first two shows in Sydney and Newcastle over the weekend, were the crowds good?

Yeah. Pretty well received on both parts. Harts is getting a lot of hype at the moment so he’s had quite a crowd come for him which is pretty cool to see, and if they stick around and watch us then that’s great too.

So Harts is on first and you guys are afterwards. Is it going to be the same every night?

No we’re actually going to be swapping it around at some point, I’m not quite sure whether that’s going to happen this weekend or maybe the following weekend but we’re going to kind of swap things around so he might play last for the second half of the tour. We’ll just see how it goes really.

So no mythical coin toss, like the QOTSA/NIN co-headliner last year?

Haha. We might actually, we’ll see.

I know it’s early days but what’s been the best part of touring with Harts?

We’ve only really played 3 shows with him, I guess he’s just a solo guy so it’s kind of easy in terms of co-ordinating things. He’s quite easy to get along with and he’s just the one guy so he just gets up and sets up and does his thing, so it’s easy in that respect. And just to watch him play and see him do his thing is pretty cool and him sticking around and watching us play is pretty cool too. And we kind of give each other feedback and stuff so, yeah it’s cool.

Learning from each other on the tour then.

Yeah I guess so. It’s pretty amazing that he can do all that stuff by himself so that’s motivating us to kind of step it up.

You’re not ready to fire the rest of the band and try it?

Hahahaha. No not me.

You’re touring now to launch your latest single, Anytime Anywhere. Have you been pleased by the response to the single so far?

Yeah it’s probably our best received single so far to date, I reckon. The fact that we kind of released it and it got picked up by Triple J straight away was a pretty cool thing, previously we’d release something and it’d be quite a few weeks and then there’d be a little bit of interest and maybe some spot plays, but ‘Anytime Anywhere’ was kind of picked up straight away. Basically as soon as we released it they did a premiere on Home and Hosed and then it went straight to high rotation which was pretty cool, and it’s been well received by blogs and other radio stations around Australia so, yeah. It’s cool.

Now I was going to ask if we could expect an album soon but you already answered that, so how far into album work are you guys? Is it still early stages?

Yeah pretty much. We’ve recorded a lot of things for it already but there’s still lots of work to do. We’re working on one song in particular that will probably be our next single, which we’ve almost finished so that should be out in the next month or two so that’s something to look forward to. But yeah, we’ll just keep working on the album and hope to release it mid-this year.

Sounds cool. Now your sound has been compared to quite a few different artists, have there been any comparisons where you’ve just thought ‘really?’

Haha. Ummm…. Maybe… we’ve been compared to The Killers, which I didn’t really see. There’s lots I guess, everyone has their own interpretations. One cool thing recently was Kingsmill comparing us to Eagles of Death Metal, which has probably been our favourite comparison because, yeah, Eagles of Death Metal are probably one of our biggest influences and it’s cool for people to recognise that.

One last quick question, if you could put your album on everybody’s iPod would you do it?

Hahaha. Do a U2. Ummm, yeah I dunno. I don’t know if that would go so well.

Is it a naive marketing tool or pure arrogance, that’s the question.

Hahaha. Maybe a bit of both.

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