After releasing his debut album Daydreamer to rave reviews and getting invited to jam with Prince (yes, Prince), it was pretty clear that 2014 was the start of big things for Harts. Not 5 minutes after getting off the phone from touring buddies Magic Bones, Wes was chatting to the ‘one man music making machine’ himself about the tour, what comes next and what it’s like to be contacted by your idol.

How has 2015 been working out for you so far?

Good! I just started the co-headline tour with Magic Bones, started last week in Sydney and Newcastle and yeah. The shows are going well so far!

Did you have any new year’s resolutions?

No not really. Just ‘do better.’

That was mine too! So how did this co-headline tour come together?

Well basically, Magic Bones and I share a lot of the same resources in that we’re both backed by Pavement Records and Premier Artists and they kind of put us together on this tour. We’re both getting airplay at the moment on Triple J. It was just a good chance to tour together, we’re both Melbourne based. Different types of music I guess but similar in that we both kind of rock out pretty hard so, it was a good chance to team up and work together.

You played the first two shows of the tour over the weekend, how were the Sydney and Newcastle crowds?

Yeah they were both good shows and it was just encouraging for me to see that the radio play I’m getting at the moment and all the press coverage is actually kind of working and translating into people coming to the shows so it’s encouraging to see yeah.

So the album came out last year and it’s gotten quite a bit of positive press, have you been excited about the response?

Yeah. I was really excited and it gave me a lot more confidence in what I was doing when it started getting more press, it started getting good reviews and people showed real positivity towards it. That was just encouraging for me to push on and know that what I was doing was being appreciated by people and people were loving the music I was making.

Obviously Prince being a fan is big news, are you sick of people asking about it?

Nah not really because I’m kind of really proud of it. Heh. You know what I mean. So it doesn’t really bother me when people ask about it and I understand why a lot of people ask about but, at the moment it hasn’t been to the point where it gets too annoying yet.

It’s not just a list of questions about Prince.

Well sometimes it can be and that’s really annoying, but a lot of the interviews I’ve been doing have really centered around my own music.

How surprised were you when he got in touch?

I couldn’t believe it when I first got an email from his manager that I didn’t think was legit, I thought it was fake. But I followed it up and then eventually it was seeming to be a lot more real than I thought it was in the beginning and everything was kind of reassured for me when I got a phone call from him one day. I recognised his voice instantly from seeing countless interviews with him and yeah, I was real shocked but I kind of had to put that aside and just go with what was happening at the time. He asked if I was available to come out to a studio in Minneapolis to meet him and do some stuff so, I kind of had to put all that shock aside and just reassure myself that he’s contacted me for a reason and obviously he likes my stuff and I just tried not to be really nervous about it.

After this tour you’re heading back to the states, what’s the plan for then?

I’m not sure actually because I was planning to head back to the states to do some stuff and I still want to, but things are really picking up in Australia at the moment. I’m getting a lot more opportunities to do some bigger shows so that’s still on the cards too. So I want to reassess what my plans are for the next few months.

Any festivals on the horizon?

I’ve got one festival booked and that’s The Hills Are Alive in late March. That’s the only one I’ve got booked so far but I’m hoping I can get on some festivals this year.

Last question, and I asked Mike from Magic Bones the same thing, if you could put your album on everyone’s iPod would you do it?

Oooooh. That’s a tough question because the self-promoter in me would be like ‘yeah man’ but at the same time stuff like that doesn’t go down too well so I’d probably say no.

I think that’s the right answer. I think someone should have told U2 about that before they did it.

That’s the thing! And someone told me that U2 were going to do that before they actually did it and the first thing I thought was ‘that doesn’t seem too smart’ but then I thought, ‘hmmm, well maybe it is smart’ because obviously it’s free promotion for them. But as soon as I saw all the backlash I realised my first impression was actually correct.

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