Tom Lyngcoln spent the last decade or so fronting one of Melbourne’s favourite, heaviest and noisiest rock bands The Nation Blue, but in 2011 he started exploring a different side of his music and the result was Harmony, who just released their debut LP Carpetbombing in February. Ben Spencer sat down with Tom just after the LP came out and chatted about touring, the woes of squats, and how life is without the burden of writers block.

So, how are you feeling  having dropped Harmony’s first LP this week?
Pretty good actually, which is a bit of a rarity. In the world of independent music making, the release of an album always generally ends up as a bit of an anticlimax, but this time it hasn’t been the case. It’s been really well received and people have been really excited about it. It’s pretty unusual for anyone to really give a damn about our music, but it seems like people did this time.

Earlier last year you supported The Drones for a massive national tour, how was that experience?
Yeah, it was pretty straightforward. Mike the drummer has been a childhood friend of one of the girls way back living in the country, so touring together is pretty easy and pretty fun. I don’t think we’re that much of a drain on their resources, so they’re happy to have us on board.

It was a bit more like a family tour more than anything else. You know everybody so there are no bad attitudes floating around, no hierarchy or anything like that. It was all good fun. I think that we’re compatible enough music wise to complement each other without it just being three hours of the same stuff.

How’s it been creating a, well, more harmonic project than your other projects such as the Nation Blue?
Oh, it’s been pretty easy actually. For me, I think I could write a Harmony record in about a week, and I think it would be like that for the next two years. Whenever I sit down to write something it always ends up being a Harmony song. And to be honest, whenever I write Nation Blue stuff, it still has a lot of the same elements, there’s just a bunch more things that get flicked on and a lot more noise gets made. Essentially all I have to do is hit one pedal and it turns from a Harmony song to a Nation Blue song. So while there’s still an element of Harmony in there, The Nation Blue is just caked in a layer of shit that Harmony doesn’t need.

What would you say was the hardest song to write from Carpetbombing?
The one that I probably spent the most time with my head against the wall with would be one called ‘Unknown Hunter’. It’s quite a long piece and we recorded it in three parts, and lyrically it was just a punish, and it just refused to come together like the others were doing. It kinda worked, but it just sounds like too much was happening at once, so it doesn’t have the flow that the others had.

Lastly, you guys are going to be starting your headline tour in support of Carpetbombing soon. What are you expecting from that?
I don’t know really. It’s a pretty expensive expo and, since there’s seven of us traveling around, tours can be a little bit daunting. But we love playing shows and we love traveling interstate. However, none of us are, well, rich, so it can be a pretty taxing thing financially to pull off. We’re really pretty excited though to be playing, and the shows are all looking like they’ll be total winners as far as line-ups go, and there’s been a lot of interest early on. But there is just that whole issue of busing seven people around the country.

We used to stay in some pretty heinous squats and things like that, and that’s always been a sort of preferred method with my other band to try cut costs wherever we can, but the four girls don’t really accept that sort of thing. So, instead we’ll be staying places with actual running water and try to keep things sanitary. But it’s still going to be a lot of fun. We’re learning a bunch more songs and we’ll be re-jigging our set that we’ve had for the past few months, so that should be good! It’s looking like a great tour.

Harmony hit the road in April on their Carpetboming Tour.

Thursday, April 3 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday, April 4 – GOODGOD Small Club, Sydney
Saturday, April 5 – The Phoenix, Canberra
Saturday, April 12 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Saturday, April 26 – Howler, Melbourne

Carpetbombing is out now via Poison City Records.

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