It can be a pretty hairy atmosphere down on Swan Street of a Saturday night; North meets South, footy meets rock and legend can often meet douche, consequently the perfect setting for a rock and roll send off of the sold out Loon Lake farewell show calibre.

Enter first support Reptiles. Is it punk? Is it country? Is it punk country death-rock? Whatever it is, Reptiles manage to combine areas of mediocre, 80s monotone with powerful, haunting screams, unexpectedly arriving however warmly welcomed. Providing a tasty mixture of horror rock and (without actually saying or doing anything funny) tongue in cheek humour. The foursome climaxed into some seriously heavy riffs towards the back end of their set leaving, I’m sure many of the Looney pop garage punters, with a decent amount of shock and curiosity.

Two-pieces have always confused me, is it ostentatiously egotistical creating a whole sound with two? Or is it sensibly practical being able to jam without the hassle of four schedules? Either way the room’s filling up thick and fast now and Sydney two-piece Polish Club’ take to it like a jack russell to a porterhouse- providing a wall of dirty guitar, big simple drums (no rack tom?) and an astonishing, soulful voice that fills the void the bass and lead leave without a worry. The vibe’s fast and fun, it’s like Dan Sultan fronting Mesa Cosa. Time will tell if Polish Club can eventually host a sold out Corner themselves, their musical confidence certainly suggests so.

Money for nothing and Loon Lake for… keeps? One could have been excused for believing Mark Knopfler was about to be emerge front and centre, complete with 80s getup and bad neon animations. Once the strobes were cut however, the straggly Loon Lake appeared to open their energetic final hurrah. Tearing through the hits and the almost hits with plenty of sweat and beers in the mix too. Getting caught up in the moment (and Melbourne bitter) myself, details of the set list become a tad hazy but the energy of the show stays with me.

Bring on the marriage proposal, complete with raining ceiling balloons and much confusion and excitement from the crowd, (She said yes! My God she said yes!), the room is now sufficiently filled with more love and emotions than a post Bachelorette Sam Frost/Sascha Mielczarek interview on Sunrise. Loon Lake ascend into an even higher gear at the tail end of their set, with crowd faves ‘Easy Chairs’ and ‘Into The Office’ testing the structural integrity of the barricades, fans eager to prove themselves to have been there from their humble Unearthed beginnings.

After this many years of filling party rooms they play a well crafted set. It was always going to be a banging show and the audience is with them the whole night. Loon Lake are tight and responsive with a live sound that doesn’t stray too far from their album, managing to fit in a good combination of their slow and soppy and fast and poppy, pleasing everyone from the 36 year old surfer to my right and the 18 year old shirtless dude to my front, who seems to prefer the shoulder seat rather than the conventional chair.

The Tarrawingee boys leave on a high with their Australian tour and latest release Low Res, but you couldn’t write them off just yet. They could not possibly resist this fun.

Comeback tour? Too Soon?

Adam Branson

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