Christmas is a time for giving and we think there’s no better thing to give than incredible music from local artists. We know you’re busy and you’ve probably missed a few of the great albums that have come out in the last few months so we’ve put together a short list of releases that would make amazing last minute gift ideas, while supporting some of our favourite Melbournian musicians.

Whitaker – Wichita EP

The guys from Whitaker put out their second release recently, a 5 track EP so incredibly soulful that listening to it is almost a physical experience. They’ve managed to simultaneously fit into and break the mould of indie guitar bands and by embracing acoustic instruments they’ve brought something new to their own repertoire. I can’t get over Ryan Meeking’s vocals and they are particularly beautiful on ‘Embers Upon The Wind’.

Perfect for: That one friend who still hasn’t gotten over Garden State.


Available for purchase here

World’s End Press – World’s End Press

Everyone needs music that compels them to hop awkwardly (sorry ‘dance’) around their kitchen complete with wooden spoon microphone substitute. World’s End Press take the darkened smoked filled room with strobes and lasers and neatly package it all into their LP debut, a stunning collection of songs that are as fun as they are well-crafted.

Perfect for: Your trance loving housemate.


Available for purchase here

Martin Martini – Vienna 1913

More than just a collection of songs strung together, Martini’s latest musical offering is a transportation device of sorts, to the days of uncomplicated joy. Jangly piano thumps and playful horns giving you as much a reason to kick off your shoes and dance with a stranger as much as it makes you just want to host a mass sing-a-long with your mates in your living room. And I haven’t even mentioned the 50 page book with illustrations by Michael Camilleri, well except for just now.

Perfect for: That friend of yours who always brings mulled wine to the party and will argue with you over the aural superiority of vinyl, (which is good because this is a vinyl only release).


Available for purchase here

Damn Terran – Damn Terran

Pulling us back from the current days of electronic fuelled music and shoving us into the dim red light of the local dive bar, Damn Terran’s self titled debut LP is a fiery epic of fast noisey guitars, dirty bass and some fucking intimidating drums. They take the energy of their live shows and shove it an intense 40 minutes.

Perfect for: That teenage relative who needs some musical guidance (before it’s too late).


Available for purchase here

Gossling – Harvest of Gold

Helen Croome’s incredibly mature musical vision make it difficult to believe this is only her debut album. With brilliantly crafted pop songs, stunning indie instrumentation and, of course, her unique and amazing vocals, Harvest of Gold is definitely one of this year’s best releases.

Perfect for: Literally anyone you know. We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like this album.


Available for purchase here

Of course, if none of these are going to suit anyone you need to buy for, just go to a local record shop and spend some money to support a local business at least. JB don’t need your cash.

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