I Know Leopard have released a video so fitting for their latest single Rather Be Lonely, it is uncanny considering the way it came about.

Originally set to be a standalone short film, Director Wyatt Winborne had been in post production for months on the piece and unsatisfied with the results after hundreds of cuts. Disheartened, Wyatt walked away from the film and after a few more months stumbled across Rather Be Lonely on streaming service Indie Shuffle. The track itself about the pains of a nonreciprocal relationship, Wyatt knew he had found the medium his short belonged to.

After a Facebook introduction message with I Know Leopard frontman Luke O’Loughlin, the band decided to wing it and give the director a shot. Just 24 hours later the “first” cut was in and the group stunned at the result. Morbid it may be, the sound and visual were made for each other in a, kinda, sorta, not really way.

See for yourself. Watch the video for Rather Be Lonely below.

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