It’s been an eventful few days for metal outfit King Parrot, with their last minute addition to Melbourne’s Soundwave festival and joint set with renown thrash outfit Down. This theme doesn’t seem to be letting up today however, with tonight’s gig at the Evelyn being the last Australian show before heading off overseas. Joining them on the farewell boat is High Tension, a bizarre supergroup of sorts made up of icons from the modern Melbourne punk scene, who will be appearing at Texas’s SXSW festival. So, it’s time to see just what everyone overseas is clamouring to get on!

Bayside’s Clowns start off the festivities with their brilliantly abrasive style of hardcore punk. Playing off one another with an ease even professionals struggle to attain, the four piece rarely have a still moment, and the stage quickly expands to include the Evelyn’s floor. After a short but none the less intense set of thirty minutes, the Poison City crew have left more than their mark on the night.

Next up is Melbourne hardcore legends Batpiss, here to tear the room apart one eardrum at a time. The trio launch into their set with guitar not unlike the sound of gunshots, and an intensity unmatched within the scene. For the next forty minutes they spew from the PA what sounds like a mix between drone metal and hardcore punk, mixed with dual vocals so loud they may have well been gang shouts. Leaving the room charged, they set off from the stage.

Such a set would normally be an issue besting, but High Tension do just that with an ease that further proves their demand overseas. As vocalist Karina stomps across the stage screeching at the overwhelmingly large crowd, the blaring guitar coats the Evelyn in a fine fuzz. After three songs worth no one is surprised at the bands acceptance into the renowned SXSW festival, as the punk-metal fusion bombards the room, shaking everyone involved. Despite being top billed, it is sadly a short set. Though in that time they absolutely killed it. I know I’m counting the days until they come back to us.

Finally, King Parrot finally unfurl their wings for the night’s performance. Despite being hurled onstage just one day after their massive Soundwave set ( with and without Down), the band are still energetic as ever, with vocalist Youngy bounding across the stage as he lets loose another guttural growl. Meanwhile, guitarist Mr. White tears into his guitar with chugging riffs powerful enough to rattle the teeth in your head. It’s obvious that they want the city to remember their first proper farewell well.

The tiny venue is packed with fans, to the point that moving might cause a tremor capable of registry on a richer scale. At the foot of the stage is a flurry of (no doubt) tired limbs, making this night one to remember.

Bellowing out to the crowd, Youngy announces that this is the last King Parrot song to be played in Australia for a very long time. To that the Evelyn seams to split at the seams, as the bar morphs into a battleground. It is an effect that doesn’t end as the metal dies down. And I suspect it won’t be over until King Parrot return.

Ben Spencer

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