It is starting to get more and more likely that Harvest Festival will be added to the growing number of ‘once were’ festivals with promoter AJ Maddah admitting to Fairfax Media it would be “too risky” for all concerned to continued as planned. This comes after a series of tweets earlier this week where Maddah described having a “crisis of confidence” about the festival.

With tickets sales sluggish (a mere “18%” of 17,500 sold in Brisbane, “30-40%” of 20,000 in Sydney and “70-80%” of 15,000 in Melbourne) Maddah is left facing a potential loss of up to $5.5 million. While Maddah is prepared to face a loss for himself he is not prepared to do that to all people involved. “I’m happy to assume risk when that risk is to me, but there comes a point where the risk is to suppliers and bands and everyone involved,” Maddah said. “[To continue it] we’d have to take shortcuts or make drastic changes to the event, where it’s not up to the expectations of people involved and those who have bought tickets.”

Maddah is currently working towards a solution that would see the festival be replaced by a series of tours, having spent last night in negotiations with headliners to confirm national tours for next year. So far as of this morning Maddah has claimed to have agreement from Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to tour. Other Harvest acts Primus and Mutemath look likely to appear on the Soundwave 2014 line up. Currently he is still negotiating with main headliner Massive Attack as well as newest Harvest addition Volcano Choir.



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