Being a recovering New South Welshman, I was torn on whether I should even go out on Origin night but the allure of a midweek gig is too high. Crowds might be a bit smaller but the overall intent is much more pure – they come for the music, not to get trashed, and it makes me so happy. And when the music you come for is of the quality of We Are Scientists, it’s a no-brainer.

Flyying Colours introduced themselves with the sound of guitars before the curtain opened and they made their way through their psychedelic opener. Their sound has all the taste of a great shoegazey band but with a bit more aggression, which is welcome. Frontman Brodie J Brümmer’s energetic thrashing added to their presence, while he and Gemma O’Connor combined vocals brilliantly.  While drummer Sam Dawes occasionally seemed a little bit lost, it didn’t matter as Josh Dawes’ bass seemed to be the driving force as well as the glue holding it all together.

“Well hello! Are you primed?” asked Keith Murray as We Are Scientists took the stage but while the answer from the crowd sounded positive, opener ‘Return the Favor’ seemed in itself a warmup before the crowd got involved, fervently singing along to ‘After Hours’. Drummer Keith Carne seemed like he was on a mission to destroy his kit as he aggressively pounded on the skins and cymbals on their breakthrough single ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, which seemed to be the highlight of the set for most of the crowd.

Bassist Chris Cain’s banter with the audience was a bit awkward (deliberately) although he did get a big laugh after hitting back at a heckler who accused them of stealing a riff, saying “The new album is out, I’ve seen copies of it. This song is from it, as was the earlier Wolfmother song.” For the record, when they started ‘Dumb Luck’ I was concerned they were covering ‘Joker and the Thief’ briefly myself. While many people may have forgotten a lot of their catalogue, as each riff was played, nods and cheers of recognition from the crowd came followed by animated dancing and singing along.

For whatever reason We Are Scientists may have delayed this tour, I doubt anyone in the room would disagree with me saying that it was worth the wait.

Wes Fahey

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