The band formerly known as The Toot Toot Toots may still be adjusting to their new moniker but they are currently out on their first national tour as Twin Beasts. Saturday night saw them visit the Northcote Social Club, supported by “Grizzly” Jim Lawrie and Sagamore.

The soothing sounds of Sagamore’s country-infused indie rock filled the room as they opened up the show. The music was upbeat but also felt quite relaxed and, while the crowd mostly enjoyed it, the sleepy feeling seemed infectious. Not many of the crowd were dancing but as I gazed around the room, many smiles were seen. The band definitely seemed to be having lots of fun, and Sam Cooper and Sophia Lubczenco’s vocals worked beautifully together. They’re only a relative new band, formed last year, so keep an eye out for them.

Soon it was time for the incomparable Grizzly Jim Lawrie to grace the stage, backed by a full band and playing his first ever gig on an electric guitar. As he told us that he’d just bought it for $100 and was playing it through a borrowed amp he assured us all that “Dreams can come true.” I’d not heard him before but I’d like to think the electric guitar gave his songs a certain edge that may have been lacking. He certainly knew how to wield his new weapon, and it really shone in new song ‘Falling Stars’, off the album they were recording on the weekend. It was really a fantastic set and it picked up the energy a bit from Sagamore’s performance.

Twin Beasts wasted no time heading into their horn laden opening track ‘Let Lead Rip’ from their debut album Outlaws (released as The Toot Toot Toots), featuring Giuliano Ferla, one half of the incredible vocal duo, on trombone. Together with Danny Eucalyptus’ distinctive growl, the two vocalists create an amazing and unique harmonic which works brilliantly to emphasise their expressive, narrative driven vocals. After the second song they asked the crowd “Do you want to dance?” before they started into ‘Fool’s Gold’ which definitely got the crowd moving.

The crowd were already involved, but nothing could stop them singing along when Ferla introduced the set’s only cover, ‘Jolene’. An absolutely stomping version of Dolly Parton’s most famous song, Eucalyptus complimented the crowd, saying “singing sounds great guys” off the mic. The crowd were singing the chorus so loudly that no-one past about 5 rows would have heard him say anything. The singalong continued, hitting a peak during ‘That’s My Boy’ off their Curse The Crow EP, where it seemed a lot of the men in the crowd could relate to the narrator’s delinquency. As the set drew to a close, the crowd quietly waited for another song which never came, a reminder that most bands won’t play an encore unless you call for it. It definitely would have been welcome though, I’m sure most people hadn’t quite gotten their fill – I know I hadn’t had mine.

Wes Fahey


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