The second I no longer get joy from discovering new music is not only the second I give up being a music writer, but the second I give up going to gigs full stop. Saturday night’s ‘Triple Treat’ show at The Workers Club was a perfect opportunity to stumble upon three hidden delights in the form of Eves, Jesse Davidson and Jordan Leser, and a brilliant reminder of why I love what I do.

Jordan Leser opened up the show with her hauntingly beautiful vocals accompanied only be her piano. Despite only a small showing, Leser kept the crowd enraptured throughout the set with her songs telling tales of love and loss, and her stunning piano emphasising the point. The title track of her EP, ‘Just Like Autumn’, was a highlight and the story of its name was quite understandable, while set closer ‘Nostalgia Calling’ perfectly capped off her performance.

Offering a change of pace, Jesse Davidson opened with a driving yet shoegazey instrumental which was actually one of many highlights of his set. With just himself on guitar and multi-instrumentalist Ben Zubreckyj backing him up on drums (and occasionally trumpet), the Adelaide duo rocked through their set, throwing in a couple of mid-set ballads and finally closing with a killer cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me’.

Eves’ brand of guitar pop is so damn close to perfection that it’s actually difficult to write about. From the moment Hannah Karydas and band took the stage, they owned it. The three piece delivered a really strong and cohesive set, while Karydas took every opportunity to use her incredible vocal range. ‘Heavy’ was a great mid-set piece and the crowd really enjoyed the rolling drums and low vocals. We were also treated to the debut live performance of new song ‘Electrical’, which had a great Bertie Blackman vibe and actually became one of the highlights of the set.

As Eves announced their last song, the small but enthusiastic crowd voiced their disappointment. One guy yelled out “No! Don’t stop! Don’t stop.” and Karydas stepped back up to the microphone and said, “OK, we’ll play TWO more songs.” But even after the ‘last’ song, cries of encore came from the crowd and Karydas didn’t even get a chance to leave the stage without playing one more, solo and unrehearsed.

The Triple Treat Tour is perfectly named because that is exactly what is on offer: three great up and comers on one bill. Eves, Jesse Davidson and Jordan Leser make a great lineup because all three of the artists bring something different to the mix, culminating in a fantastic experience.

Wes Fahey

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