I had every intention of showing up in time for Drunk Mums and still managed to miss their entire set but the buzz in the crowd was positive when I finally made my way up the stairs. I didn’t evemn have a chance to make my way to the bar before The Bohicas took the stage and kicked straight into gear.

There were some early technical difficulties with Dominic McGuiness’ guitar being out of action for most of the first song, ‘Where You At’, but they powered through anyway. With the sound at full force they continued on through ‘Bandit’ and ‘In The Mood’, demonstrating the meaning of their acronymic name – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again – by hardly stopping between tracks to let the crowd take a breath.

The Bohicas brand of rock isn’t anything spectacularly new, but it’s not overly derivative either. I could hear a lot of influences but couldn’t settle on a particular one which they focused on. Their music is extremely accessible, in the best way, and their singles are where their songwriting stands out. They saved all three of them until the end of the set and while not everyone who was there hung around that long, those that did felt the energy pick up. After ‘XXX’ Dom addressed the crowd saying, “That’s the best reception we’ve had for that tune ever.” before they closed up with ‘Swarm’.

The set was short, but pretty powerful, and while they may not be the strongest of the current crop of UK rock acts, there’s definitely a lot of potential there and it’s understandable why there is such a buzz around The Bohicas.

Lee Snipes


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