Teeth and Tongue launched their latest single ‘Newborn’ on Friday night at The Workers Club. Supported by Sunbeam Sound Machine and Ballads and featuring stunning projections by artist Keith Deverell.

I always try to get to gigs in time for the support band and if not the first support then at least the second. Friday night though was one of those rare occasions where it didn’t work out and unfortunately I missed both Ballads’ and Sunbeam Sound Machine’s sets and had to rely on second hand information. Everything I heard was quite positive, and the vibe in the room seemed to confirm all reports, making it all the more annoying that I missed out.

After a brief introduction from Jess Cornelius, the music video for ‘Newborn’ was played on the big screen, giving most of the crowd, including myself, a first look at the clip. It also set the stage for a spectacular closer, where the scantily clad stars of the video all joined the band to ‘recreate’ the clip live, much to the delight of the audience.

The latest lineup of Cornelius, Marc Regueiro-McKelvie and Damian Sullivan along with James Harvey on drums and recent addition Jade McInally (Tantrums) on backing vocals brings a richer sound to the band, with McInally’s harmonies reinforcing Cornelius’ lead. Because both the lineup and the sound are constantly evolving, the set was filled almost entirely with newer songs and even though the singles ‘Good Man’ and ‘The Party Is You’ along with a stirring rendition of The Motels’ ‘Total Control’ were only barely highlights in a thoroughly captivating set, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed there were no songs from Tambourine or Monobasic. Keith Deverell’s visuals were fantastic and really added to the atmosphere of the performance, projecting incredible images and patterns onto the band and backdrop.

There is no denying that the show was fantastic, I just would have liked to hear some older tracks like ‘Stacey Come Over’ or ‘Walls’. Then again, perhaps I was just craving some familiarity in the music and once Grids is released in a few weeks I’ll feel better about Teeth and Tongue’s next show.

Wes Fahey


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