After checking out the Zoo Twilights series opener I was keen to see more music, and figured I could keep with the animal theme and head on over to catch Sugar Fed Leopards launching their debut album ‘Sweet Spots’ in front of a thoroughly excited crowd at Howler.

Everything seemed to be running behind so even though I thought I would be arriving just before Mighty Duke and The Lords were on, in actuality Richie 1250 was spinning sevens for an almost empty dancefloor, and he continued to do so for another half hour.

When they finally did take the stage, Mighty Duke and the Lords wasted no time getting the swelling crowd involved. The drummer launched into a furious jungle beat on his junk drum kit – no really, it was made of junk – and from then on their set became a blur of funky basslines, blaring horns, at least one beach ball and non-stop dancing. They had the whole crowd chanting “Hoo Ha” during ‘Cannibal’, wowed during their ode to ‘Beyoncé’ (the flipside to their equally awesome ‘Werewolf Calypso’) and continued winning the battle to get the crowd closer to the stage right to the end.

After some more singles from Richie 1250, a siren sounded and some Real Hot Bitches invaded the dancefloor. In their most fashionable 80s inspired garb, they looked totally leotarded. As for their dancing, it was fabulous. At least a hundred, no a thousand times – well maybe not a thousand – but a hundred and twenty five times more fabulous than this:


Once it came time for Sugar Fed Leopards to take the stage, they wasted no time getting everyone dancing, the groove of their neo-vintage mix of disco and soul instantly hitting the audience’s ‘Sweet Spots’ (yes I did just say that, shut up). The whole band looked spectacular in sequin spangled outfits, and they played quite a few tracks off the new album. Halfway through the set, a disco ghost made its way through the crowd while singers Sugar Breath, Lemona Squeeze and Carriemella Koala disappeared, returning in fresh sparkly outfits to kick off the second half of the set with album opener ‘Ghost of Disco.’

The whole crowd was seriously jumping towards the end of the set, with the energy peaking with ‘Shut Up Your Mouth’ and staying there beyond the end of epic set closer ‘Fresh Jaguar Meat’ and into the start of the three song encore which featured another round of costume changes and a last chance for the audience to dance, which they thoroughly relished. All in all, the Leopards sure know how to put on a show.

Wes Fahey


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