The Sinking Teeth have been busy making a name for themselves, relentlessly touring over the last few months in some pretty high profile support slots and wowing crowds. After releasing their debut EP back at the start of October, they finally ‘launched’ White Water at Ding Dong Lounge on Friday night with support from Damn Terran.

Due to an unforeseen amount of traffic and difficulty parking I rocked up much later than I planned to and I totally missed the first support band, Ceres, which was really disappointing because I very much wanted to see them play. I was, however, relieved that the entire gig seemed to be running behind because I figured that I’d also missed Damn Terran, which would have been a total travesty. I was absolutely relieved when I saw that Lachlan and Leigh Ewbank were setting up when I arrived.

They kicked off their set with regular opener ‘Provokasia’ and before they even got to the heaviest section, the dance floor was seriously filling up. Their music, as always was heavy and energetic and it’s fantastic to see that they play their support slots with the same ferocity as their headline shows, with the exception of trashing the drumkit at the end of the set. With comments such as “Did I mention that Ben [Stewart, The Sinking Teeth’s drummer] sent me a snapchat of his balls just before?” it was easy to see that Damn Terran are good mates with The Sinking Teeth, as well as being the support band. They threw in the usual favourites like ‘Wrong Things’ and teased the crowd with an extended intro to ‘Pills’ and it made Damn Terran’s set a great warm up for what was to come.

The Sinking Teeth came on stage and opened up their set with the first track off their EP, ‘The Sexy Mates’ and the pounding drums and awesome riffs instantly got the entire room moving. They played four out of five of the EP tracks straight up, pausing between ‘Dead Breeze’ and ‘White Water’ to express their gratitude to the crowd for coming along. After fourth song ‘Tongues’, Nick Manuell had another brief chat with the crowd and introduced the next song “We’re going to play a song that we wrote this week. I’m sorry.” The song was great though so I’m still not sure if he was apologising for the song or for something else that I missed and they followed it up with a killer instrumental track that meant there was not much to apologise for at all.

Their show is no frills but it doesn’t need anything but a few lights and loud amps to be great yet Nick, Ben and Jules Doan kind of have everything they need to make a great band and they utilise all their skills on stage. They’re all brilliant musicians and Nick and Jules both have excellent presence and talent with their vocals and they also have a lot of charisma and understand that to show the audience a good time, they have to be having a good time as well. At one point, Nick ended up with a pair of thrown underpants on his head and he just made it part of the act.

As they drew the set to a close Nick invited everyone in the audience around to their sharehouse for an afterparty before saying “We’ve been The Sinking Teeth. We’ll be around for cuddles afterwards.” They finished the night with their incredible single ‘Temporary Living’ which got a little bit of a singalong happening, brilliantly ending an all round great show.

Wes Fahey


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