For 20 years Regurgitator have been making music and playing incredible live shows and, with the release of their 8th album Dirty Pop Fantasy, they’re out again on what will most likely be their last tour for a while. With support from Wampire and Sun God Replica, they kept the crowd jumping on grand final night at The Hi-Fi and gave their loving Melbourne fans a farewell that will be long remembered.

Local stoner rock trio Sun God Replica opened up the night with heavy riffage and amazing pants. Their sound would definitely appeal to fans of Kyuss or The Dead Weather, their distorted guitars and rhythmic grooves something you can either dance or mosh to, or possibly both at once. They made good use of the stage, moving around and trying to get the crowd to shake it but, while they definitely had their attention, they couldn’t encourage anyone to get onto the dancefloor. I’d still recommend checking them out, if you haven’t already, they’ve got plenty going for them if you’re into that sound.

Wampire started their set with a barrage of feedback and pounding drums and it felt like they were declaring war on our ear drums. Their set though wasn’t the assault I was expecting, even though they kept the heaviness their sound overall was fairly chilled out, more along the lines of the new school of indie psychedelia that Tame Impala belong to. A few instrument swaps and shared lead vocals kept the duo of Eric Phipps and Rocky Tinder interesting to watch and listen to. It was the Oregon duo’s first time in Melbourne and I hope they make it back sooner than later.

The boys from The Gurge casually walked on stage wearing pink, green and leopard print overalls, greeting the crowd while they grabbed their instruments before Quan Yeomans asked “Are you guys ready? OK. Let’s get this gay mechanic show on the road.” and they punched straight into ‘Blood and Spunk’. After new song ‘Made to Break’ they worked the crowd into a frenzy with fan favourite ‘I Will Lick Your Arsehole’ followed by two other big hits from Unit. Ben Ely asked if we liked the Black Sabbath ending of ‘Black Bugs’ and we cheered loudly in declaration of our unanimous agreement.

Either they never had a setlist, or it was thrown out early on and the boys started taking requests, of course ‘Track 1’ was the most popular choice. Ben quipped “You know this kind of music isn’t popular anymore right?” before they started the intro, only to be disrupted as a flying bottle hit Quan in the face. They stopped playing for a while so Quan could regain his composure and security could eject the bottle thrower to the crowds’ pleasure, before heading straight back into it where they’d cut it off.

After trying to calm the crowd down with ‘Polyester Girl’ they played another new song, then invited friend and superfan Callum on stage to help out on ‘I Wanna Be a Nudist’, and both the band and the crowd got to see a lot more than they’d paid for.  They played a couple more new songs before ending the main set with ‘! (The Song Formerly Known As)’. Not content with an 18 song set, the crowd chanted for an encore and the guys came back out. Ben asked us all to shout “We love you Quan!” to apologise for the bottle to the head before they played a few more, ending the set on the ever popular ‘Kong Foo Sing’. Regurgitator are definitely going to be missed on the musical landscape and we can only hope the hiatus doesn’t last that long because their fans will jump at any opportunity to see their shows. And when they’re consistently this good, why wouldn’t they?

Wes Fahey


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