We The People got the sold out Workers Club crowd very sweaty when they played the first night of their The Truth About Fables EP Launch Tour on Thursday. With support from Bad Pony and Halcyon Drive, it was a brilliant hometown show and the perfect start to their tour.

The duo of Halcyon Drive opened the show with their signature guitar loops and drum combination, their layers upon layers of guitar wizardry creating some phenomenally catchy pop tunes that the crowd couldn’t resist. Max’s intricate drumming and the live looped guitars, perfectly underlay Michael’s impressive vocals. They made more noise than you’d expect a two piece to be able to generate, especially so when Michael would build up the guitar loops then switch to drums to create climactic and chaotic moments in a few songs. I thought they were awesome, and the crowd definitely agreed.

Sydney 6-piece Bad Pony were up next and were a bit of a change from Halcyon Drive, not least of all because they had 3 times as many members. Their blend of country, indie and pop-punk gave them a sound that wasn’t quite original but couldn’t easily be considered derivative. After raising energy levels with their opening two tracks, they seemed to find it difficult to keep the wider audience’s attention during their slower numbers. On the whole they went down pretty well with the majority of the crowd getting into it and loosening up for the main band.

The crowd got very excited as Jono came out and played an intro on the drums before kicking into the beat of ‘Start The World Again’ as the rest of the band ran out on stage throwing streamers into the crowd, who kept dancing and jumping around as We The People went straight into second song ‘My Castle’. They had a few giveaways starting with offering a free copy of the new EP to whoever danced the hardest to the next song and, for a crowd full of so much adoration, it was definitely a tough competition. By about halfway through the set, the heat inside The Workers Club was becoming a little unbearable for some but the crowd were far too excited to care, at most they were ducking out for a breather then heading back in. There was much rejoicing as the staff finally turned on the industrial fan in an attempt to stifle the sweltering heat.

We The People though had other plans, heating things up with a mostly brilliant cover of the Gorillaz hit ‘Feel Good Inc.’. The arrangement was fantastic and the melodic vocals and bass were pretty well spot on, I would have preferred it though if they had dropped or changed the rap lyrics which really need to be delivered by those two guys from De La Soul to make any form of sense. The crowd was happy to hear it though, but even happier once they delivered ‘Leon’, their single from earlier this year, which was a huge singalong. If anyone in the audience wasn’t dancing before the first chorus, they certainly were afterwards. They did a little live remix at the end of ‘Engender’ which the crowd loved, before they did a fantastic cover of The Wombats’ ‘Moving to New York’. They closed up the set with ‘Sweetheart’ off the EP they were launching, extending the chorus so singer James could dance with the crowd a bit, reveling in the excitement they brought.

Wes Fahey


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