Friday night at The Tote was a good night for fans of The Peep Tempel as the trio launched their sophomore album Tales with a sweaty and epic set that had the crowd moving all night.

The Peep Tempel wasted no time warming up, opening strong with the rollicking instrumental ‘Keef’ and running straight into ‘Getting on By’ and ‘Big Fish’, all off the new record. Singer Blake Scott was clearly impressed by the early racuousness of the crowd, stepping up to the mic and saying “This is fucking unreal. It’s making me swear.” before playing the most radio unfriendly song in their repertoire, ‘Cunts’ (or is it called ‘Untitled’).

The crowd were loving every second, and once it was time for everyone’s new favourite, ‘Carol’, not a mouth in the house wasn’t shouting “I don’t think Trevor is good for you…” By the end of the full ‘Lester Moore’ trilogy, the mosh had escaped the usual section of The Tote’s dance floor reserved for such antics, and no-one really seemed to mind.

At what was supposed to be the end of the set, Blake said “We were gonna try and do some tacky encore shit but that ain’t gonna happen…” and instead of walking off and making us work for it, The Peep Tempel just played the last few for the crowd, including a request (“We got a request. We don’t usually do requests but fuck it.”) from someone in the front row.

The show was fantastic and really explains why The Peep Tempel have such a loyal fanbase. Their on stage energy seems effortless and is utterly contagious, as any crowd  of theirs would testify to. See this band the next chance you get, you will not regret it.

Lee Snipes

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