Brisbane’s Brit-Pop wunderkind Jeremy Neale has been making waves since his debut EP In Strange Times in 2013, and the early crowd are there to show their appreciation of his trek down south. Their brand of breezy-pop themed tunes are warmly welcomed, even if the use of the Tremolo Bar on the backing guitar in every song is absurdly overused. Songs like ‘Merry Go Round’, ‘Swing Left’ and ‘Do Do Do’ are well received, however the double dose of Black Sabbath impromptu performances are strange choices to say the least. They would be best to stick to their own material, it’s quite good you know.

Melbourne five piece Loon Lake dropped one of the most enjoyable albums of 2013 late last year with their album ‘Gloamer’ and the band even took the time to ask the public to give their reviews of it in the street. Tonight saw sublime performances off that album, as well as some brand new material as well. It’s one last chance to enjoy their summery bliss sound before the winter chill sets in.

Dropping the catchy ‘On Fire’ and ‘Love Gets Done’ early got the crowd going early as the scruffy frontman Sam Nolan is his affable best between songs. Created is a laid back, summery-vibe pop showcase, where the crowd and band alike are enjoying the output.

A brand new track, written just weeks ago is given an airing, which is another perfectly curated pop piece with all the hallmarks of Loon Lake dripping off it. ‘City Lights’, one of the highlights off the Gloamer album is as wonderful live as you would imagine it to be, with it narrating the journey on the way to a show, it’s performance is the culmination of what the very song eludes to.

A competition winner joins the band on stage to perform guest vocals on the anthemic ‘Cherry Lips’, with the audience joining in as well to create one huge sing-along as the band seemingly plays second fiddle to the joy being created around them.

Loon Lake are a band that don’t take themselves too seriously, and tonight’s performance is an example of why they are much loved around the country, not just in their home state. More of the same please guys, keep the good times rolling!

Dean Forte

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