Fresh off the release of their latest LP Dead Set, recorded with the legendary ex-Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo at his Nosferatu’s Lair studio in New Orleans, Melbourne’s favourite grind metal miscreants King Parrot stopped by the Corner Hotel to let rip some choice new cuts, as well as a thick smattering of older material.

Supporters of the spate of recent church burnings throughout Melbourne, Colossvs welcome the crowd into the darkness with an excellent set of metal from the depths of hell. Recent addition to the line up, and host of Triple J’s The Racket, Lochlan Watt dominates the stage adorned by eerie candles, prowling across the width of the platform and towering over the flock below.  With a loud set dominated by their latest offering Unholy, Colossvs deliver a superb introduction to a night of heavy music.

Next to grace the stage was High Tension, and whilst lead vocalist Karina Utomo’s mic was initially inaudible, the noise that came from that tiny body afterwards left everyone in their wake. An early airing of their tune ‘Collingwood’ got the energy surging, as Utomo paraded across the stage, fiercely delivering ear splitting growls. Their upcoming album Bully is out soon, and they highlighted this upcoming release, including the latest hit ‘Sports,’ to deliver a kick ass live performance that won new fans, and consolidated old ones alike.

Having grown a solid fan base over the past few years by playing Soundwave, CherryFest and pretty much every music venue who would take them across Melbourne, it was no surprise to see a sold out crowd gather to witness another one of King Parrot’s crowning moments. As the red curtain made way, and the fantastic five strode to the stage, the expectation had been raised to fever pitch. And so it began. The next hour went by like a complete blur. Commencing with back to back classics from their debut EP, ‘The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash’ and ‘Epileptic Butcher’ kicked off proceedings before a good dose of their latest album Dead Set got an airing, with ‘Sick In The Head’, ‘Like A Rat’ and latest single (and piss funny video) ‘Home Is Where the Gutter Is’ all delivered with the conviction of songs they had played for years. Vocalist Matt Young doesn’t get up in the audience’s faces like he once did, but after the pounding his body took during Soundwave’s infamous “Wall Of Death,” it’s understandable that he let his vocals do all the hard work for him. Chief piss-taker and audience heckler Slatts doesn’t have a whole heap to say, perhaps by virtue of the enthusiastic and capacity crowd flailing their bodies in front of him.

Their debut album Bite Your Head Off isn’t forgotten, with crowd favourites ‘Bozo’, ‘Shit On The Liver’ and ‘Silly Ol’ Mate’ all featured towards the back end of the set. King Parrot have not only delivered on the expectation of a brutal follow up to Bite Your Head Off, but have also managed to merge tracks off Dead Set seamlessly into their live show for a world class grind metal performance that left the audience begging in vain for more. Hell (and the world) waits.

Dean Forte

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