Last Thursday saw Sydneysiders Horrorshow touch down for the first time at The Corner, the 5th stop in their King Amongst Many Tour. Accompanied by Home Brew and Jimblah, it was a show that has been long expected and, I am glad to say, it was well worth the wait!

All the way from Adelaide comes Jimblah. From the get go I knew this was going to be a soulful and touching performance. He introduced himself and gave thanks to all the hip hop heads for showing up and showing love, then took a moment to thank the previous owners of the land and received an overwhelming roar of support. With the help from the stunning Georgia B on vocals, Jimblah brought it and brought it hard with strong and powerful lyrics; he is a true word smith, one that will get you thinking about our tainted history and the thought patterns that plague our country. His song ‘March’, a soulful rendition of Matt Corby’s ‘Resolution’, was not just a stand out of the set, but of the night. I have never been so captivated by an opening act. He comprehends the pain and suffering of the past and relays it into passionate, fervid hip hop for the present. He is devastatingly clear in his statements and incredibly soulful within his stylish execution.

The Home Brew boys were up next, receiving much love from the overly excited crowd; gobbling up the all their cheers and screams, and spitting out some of the fastest polysyllabic rhyming my ears have ever heard. They were smooth and stylish and reeked of steez, though it wasn’t all that great. I hate to diss any hip hop group, but personally I found that although they had an immense amount of talent within their beats and raps they severely lacked some much needed context. With most songs being about drugs or alcohol (or how much they wanted some drugs or alcohol) I simply could not get into it (and I love drugs and alcohol). Whilst being amazed by the lyrical complexity, I was disheartened by the repetitive, monotonous context of their songs. I must have been the only one in the room without a smile on their face though because the crowd loved it! All in all they put on a great show; I think I was just expecting something completely different.

As soon as Adit, producer/beat maker extraordinaire, hit the stage my notebook was shaking from the explosion of noise made by the crowd! It was a surreal experience having not even heard a peep from the band, yet feeling an immense amount of bass and velocity from the crowd. Solo came bursting out with ‘Human Era’, the first track off their new album King Amongst Many. With people feeling the flavour of the night, Solo spoke of his most hated question “What does the name ‘Horrorshow’ mean? …It means good, great and fucking awesome” before heading into the new album’s title track. They chose not to fuck around and brought it all in with an articulate acapella of ‘Listen Close’, building it back up into the swelling symphony enclosed perfectly with Adit’s work with the vocal sample that haunts the track.

After listening to Solo talk shit and joke around in-between songs came an old favourite, ‘All Summer Long’ followed closely by ‘Doctor’s Orders’. Then out of nowhere came Muphin, from the duo Muph ‘n’ Plutonic. For his first time on stage in a long time, Muph was impeccable, bringing exactly what his fans were hoping for in this surprise appearance. After Solo calmed down a fight in the front row, stopping his song ‘Choose None’, he elegantly says “It’s all love, we need to look after each other.”

After this experience all I can really say to sum up the night is Horrorshow are one of the more solid performers in the scene. It’s obvious that over five years of tour experience has put them right at home on the stage. By the end of the night, Melbourne’s hip-hop heads were left satisfied and Horrorshow showed exactly why their fans love them so much.

Jordon Buckens


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