Gossling’s debut album, Harvest of Gold, has been getting a lot of attention since its release earlier this month, and this week it was Triple J’s feature album. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, with a string of launch shows bringing her home to Melbourne for a show on Wednesday night at The Corner, supported by Little Scout and Whitaker.

I looked at my watch as I arrived at The Corner and was disappointed to realise that I had missed Whitaker’s set. After seeing them a few weeks ago supporting Tom Kline, I was really looking forward to catching them again and seeing how they held a larger audience. Luckily, Ryan Meeking and co. were still on stage as I walked in and the crowd were captivate and enjoying the music which was, unsurprisingly, as beautiful as last time and just as suited to the large room. My disappointment returned as they ended the set because I’d only managed to catch three songs but fortunately, for me and the rest of the crowd, all three were exceptional.

Brisbane’s Little Scout announced themselves with a flurry of guitars as the curtain opened and they plunged straight into their set. Gossling’s stage setup seemed a bit awkward for them, with touring guitarist Charles Sale towering over the rest of the band on a keyboard riser in the middle. They quickly made the aesthetics unimportant though, their strong opening tracks and Melissa Tickle’s beautfiul vocals winning the crowd over. Unfortunately the energy dropped quickly and they seemed unable to hold the crowd’s attention as well as they should have, just a few rows back I noticed a descent into conversation and social networking. It was disheartening because the band on stage were playing brilliantly.

The excitement was palpable as the time grew near for Gossling to take the stage and as the curtain opened the entire room was fixated on the stage, everyone trying to get their eyes on Helen Croome. Opening with ‘Big Love’ and then ‘Harvest of Gold’ I instantly noticed that the songs have a completely different energy live to what they have on the album, every bit as beautiful and poised but more exciting, and a lot of that came down to the excellent drums. Of course, Helen’s unique and beautiful voice filled the room, floating atop the incredible music produced by herself and her band, which actually featured Whitaker’s Ryan Meeking on guitar and backing vocals.

Switching to the guitar on her fourth song, Helen introduced ‘Challenge’ as a song about her experience with the harshness of social media and how that affects an artist. The song itself was exceptional and she showed that she’s quite adept on guitar as well as keys and has no difficulty juggling both of those instruments while also being a capable frontwoman.  Ryan stepped up and filled Alex Burnett’s (Sparkadia) shoes, helping Helen out with an incredible version of ‘Songs of Summer’ before nodding to her influences and performing an exceptional, stripped back cover of Everclear’s ‘Santa Monica’. Older Gossling tracks still garnered an excellent response from the crowd, especially ‘Heart Killer’, which was one of the most popular songs of the night.

After mentioning several times that one of her dreams has been to play The Corner, Helen thanked the crowd for “making her dreams come true”. Though the thanks were unnecessary as everyone in the room was just as thankful that she was playing there, a smaller venue would have been unable to accommodate that much excitement. And I’m sure Gossling will be playing bigger venues again next time around.

Wes Fahey


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