We woke up to the joy of loads of sunshine hitting out tent on the third and final day of Falls Festival. Being New Years Eve and after a massive second day, we knew we had a long day/night ahead of us so admittedly we started our day a little later than usual. We began our day by walking into the Grand Theatre to see Thelma Plum sing her pretty melodies matched with lovely sweet vocals. Again, this was a grand choice by us to start our day with something soft and soothing for the ears and soul.

Next we headed down to the Valley Stage to catch Megan Washington who surprisingly had a small crowd but as the afternoon unfolded, we found this not to be particularly unusual. It appeared the majority of people were staying back at camp likely chilling before a massive New Year’s Eve. Not only were the crowds smaller, but most people were happy to sit on the hillside, soaking up the sunshine and tunes. It was a very chilled out atmosphere and I loved it. Some people chose to put on their dancing shoes early by dancing along and because most people were sitting, there was plenty of room for people to dance freely.


After Washington, we ran back up the hill to catch one of my favourite Australian bands at the moment, Kingswood. Despite seeing them about five times this year, I can say I am not even close to getting bored seeing them live, rather I find myself getting excited about every opportunity there is to see them. And the reason for this is that they are simply a fantastic live act. You can trust they will put on one hell of a show and it’s always bucket loads of fun. Once again they didn’t disappoint: they played hard and rocked the socks off the crowd and they barely took breaths between songs. They did have a moment where they tried to improvise and make up a song on the spot however, on this rare occasion, didn’t quite get there. But their next song had the crowd quickly forgetting that minor mishap. What was an interesting choice by the band was not to play their single ‘Suckerpunch’. I didn’t mind as I love their whole album, and while my initial reaction was to think some people would have left really disappointed, the more I thought about it, the more I expect the boys gained a lot more fans who enjoyed their music beyond the single.

039-Cold War Kids

With the afternoon sun drenching the festival site, I decided to sit back on the hill and watch Vance Joy take to the stage. His folky tunes were perfect for chilling out and reserving my energy for the big night ahead. After Vance Joy, LA based favourites Cold War Kids took to the stage. Again, the crowd size was average however those who were there were clearly die-hard fans who sang and danced to their hearts content. Besides sounding great, what made this performance really special were actually the small group of children that had appeared in the afternoon. Two women were blowing massive bubbles and quickly attracted all the children’s attention, trying to catch the bubbles. This might sounds annoying to some, but their was so much joy in their laughter, so much happiness and with the setting golden sun, it was a lovely scene.

After grabbing some delicious crepes for dinner, I made my way into the Grand Theatre to see Californian ambient musician Tycho, one of the artists I was most looking forward to seeing. As I had expected, the crowd was not big, not small but respectable. Tycho started his set by himself on stage, producing the music electronically, however shortly after he was joined by three other band mates who who backed him up with keyboard, bass guitar, guitar and drums. There are no lyrics in Tycho’s music, just ambient melodies that are beautiful and organic in nature. I found myself getting lost in the music, moving in time with it and finding my thoughts wander. I would look around and find others in the same state. It was everything I wanted it to be and I was devastated I had to leave 15min early to go back to camp to put on layers for the evening.


Once we came back from camp, all rugged up for the cool evening as the sun set, we caught Bluejuice play one of their very last shows ever. Somehow, I had missed their name on the lineup so I was genuinely happy and excited that I had the opportunity to see them before they go their separate ways. They were drunk, energetic and bouncing all over the stage and launching themselves into the crowd. I’m sure the words of every song could be heard as far as the farthest camp site, as the crowd just went crazy for them. It was crazy copious amounts of fun and it’s sad they are no more.

103-Alt J

With Bluejuice having gotten the crowd warmed up for New Years with their endless energy, Alt-J was a strange decision to follow as they settled the crowd down with their slower tunes. While the crowd clearly enjoyed the set, it certainly reduced the party atmosphere that Bluejuice had started. It was a shame because they were the last act to play on the Valley Stage before midnight. So when Kram took to the stage to do the countdown, the atmosphere seemed a little flat. Even Kram struggled to get the crowd excited with his impromptu attempts at jokes and entertainment. Then all of a sudden we were counting the last 10 seconds and then the crowd cheered and hugged….but no smoke, no confetti, no fireworks. Is it too much to ask for a little ‘something’ on the strike of midnight?

Soon after midnight though, The Presets jumped onto stage and played a massive set of crowd favourites and soon enough I had forgotten the disappointment of midnight and so did the rest of the crowd. And dance into the night we did.

Kimberley Salmond

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