The Delta Riggs are out on tour promoting their latest single ‘America’ and Saturday night saw them drop in to The Toff to play a spectacular hometown show. Supported by The Walking Who and Palace of the King, and with some special guests from Saskwatch joining in on horns, it was a great night of rock’n’roll from start to finish.

Palace of the King warmed up the crowd with their blues infused rock and Leigh Maden’s guitar and Sean Johnston’s keys really showed that they have as much raw energy as Stonefield, as well as having almost as much hair. The whole band are very talented, but there seems to be something missing. Tim Henwood on vocals has great talent, but seems to lack charisma but I actually put that down to the time and the venue, I think they’d be much more at home mid afternoon at a festival with a huge crowd than they were at The Toff.

Sydney band The Walking Who were up next and their psychedelic rock went down a treat with the crowd. Their songs have a real The Dandy Warhols vibe to them, sometimes working in their favour but other times to their detriment – especially their third song which has exactly the same chord progression as The Dandy’s ‘Nietzche’ (I actually thought they were playing a cover of it when they started and I was a little disappointed when I realised they weren’t). Rohin Brown’s guitars were great and the rhythm section kept it tight, although I was a little confused by the inclusion of Paul McLean’s girlfriend on tambourine, she seemed to be their very own Jeanine Pettibone.

The Delta Riggs came on and went straight into album opener ‘STARS’ with lead singer Elliott Hammond heading straight to the mic in his fashionable hat before jumping onto the organ and inviting the guys from Saskwatch to join them on horns for ‘America’. A few songs in and the crowd was really pumping, basically eating the guacamole and chips out of Hammond’s hands as he led us into a call and response of the Aquabats’ ‘Pool Party’ and let us know that the night was being recorded for Spotify.

The crowd response to the 5th song in the set ‘Get Back’ was pretty big, obviously quite a lot of the fans were excited to hear an older song. One fan in particular got a little bit too excited, copping a feel of Hammond’s crotch which the singer handled remarkably well, merely commenting that it was a bit creepy. The same fan later on took an opportunity to jump onto the stage and start talking into the microphone, although he was too intoxicated to make any sense and security wasted no time getting him off the stage.

There was obvious disappointment as Hammond announced the last song but the crowd still enjoyed every minute. As they brought the Saskwatch horn section back out for a psychedelic jam a quick look around the dancefloor showed that everyone was still very excited, with one guy up on his friend’s shoulders – a pretty strange sight to see in The Toff.

Lee Snipes


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