Chance Waters and The Griswolds have come together for their “More Than Just Friends” co-headline tour, and Thursday night saw them hit up the Northcote Social Club. It was an awesome night of indie rock and hip-hop and, with support from fellow Sydneysiders Lime Cordiale, they showed everyone they know how to bring the party.

When it comes to Lime Cordiale there is no fucking around, they were loud energetic and loving every moment. Such a great set, catchy and joyous with just the right amount of funk! I was really trying not to use the word “funk” but, they brought it, so I must use it. The jazzy vocals and playful attitude of the band really brought the crowd in early, especially for their first gig in Northcote. This is definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Next out of the gate were The Griswolds, admittedly I have never heard of these guys before, I soon discovered that I have been missing out! Such an endearing happy group that makes you want to sing along even when you don’t know the lyrics, or blush in the corner swooning over their beautiful hair. These guys excite the crowd without even trying, the room was packed by nine: full of people rearing for more jumping and dancing with the odd person checking in on Facebook to make their mates just a wee bit jelly. Their youthful though quirky sound was really refreshing.
For me ‘Heart of a Lion’ was easily the standout track, with its pounding drums, stunning vocals and outré bass; they kicked out my preconceptions of indie pop.

Chance Waters and his backing band The Grey, Starring Liam Neeson [Editor’s note: although they actually introduced themselves as ‘The Cool Guy Band’, part of a running joke where they regularly change their name, we’ve used their official name], were joined on stage by the enchanting Alex Cameron, who brought in some captivating vocals and stunning violin work as they opened with his cover of Mumford and Sons’ ‘Little Lion Man’. Chance threw in some playful banter then went back into it with his newest hit ‘Looking For Something’, an ode to the simple pleasures found in life and love. With the crowd full of smiles, passion and beer out came one of my favourite songs of the night, ‘We Left’, made even more appealing by Cameron’s violin expertise, it really made the song smack you in the face… in a good way.

They closed the set with his song about the world not ending ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, a welcome change from the usual pessimistic “fuck everything” attitude within the hip-hop scene. They had the crowd clapping along as if they were just another instrument within the set. This lively, peace loving song had the crowd bouncing harder than your mamma’s bed springs on prom night!

Before they even left the stage the encore chant started. The anticipation was crazy as The Griswolds headed onto the stage, the crowd going berserk with joy as Chance announced that they would play their recent collaboration ‘Body’ written for his upcoming album. The unrehearsed raw, yet marvelous song was a fantastic mix of the two bands styles – fast passed boisterous indie music with a rap touch, it was the perfect end to a great set!

Jordon Buckens


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