It’s kinda hard to keep a happy face during Calling All Cars last show calling Melbourne home. Nevertheless, The Corner is filled with them after a short while, all of which have made it out early for this moment. The band’s relocation to London follows the release of their new album, Raise The People , and after 5 years of being one of Australia’s hardest working bands, they’re ready to see what successes other shores will bring them. So, with this show, everyone has come together to celebrate that which is Calling All Cars.

“Hello, we are Calling All Cars, and in a surprising twist, we will be replacing The Sinking Teeth this evening.” With this, The Sinking Teeth blast into their first track, ‘The Sexy Mates’, which is obviously autobiographical. It’s also obvious how overjoyed the lads are to be joining Calling All Cars on this tour, with their boundless energy as they hammer away to grungey grooves. Tracks like ‘White Water’ and ‘Good Grief’ fly through the air like darts of pure noise, and it’s impossible to take your eyes off the three as they play. If there is any one act set to explode in popularity this year, The Sinking Teeth would be the sure bet.

While The Sinking Teeth were an intense act, The Love Junkies make it seem like it was trip through a ketamine factory. Throughout the set (well, it’s more like a siege), the battered noise comes blaring off the stage like Pixies mixed with Primus, cut with pure adrenaline. So intense that it’s actually tiring to watch, The Love Junkies make a mockery out of the concepts of distortion and not being sweaty. By the time the blistering set is finished, everyone in the room is left gasping for air.

And so, the time has come for Calling All Cars to play their final set in Melbourne for a very long time. With a howl from the audience, the band launch into ‘Everyday is the Same’ from Raise the People. From that point on, the band tear through their set with the ferocity that truly has made them legends around these parts. The importance of this final hometown show is acknowledged in all corners of the room as Haydn stands at the edge of the stage, joined by Nick of The Sinking Teeth so as to fully focus on the audience. And with that extra backing, he takes the opportunity to announce just how special this night is.

“Just so you guys know, you’re being recorded right now” he tells the cheering crowd, which explodes as he jumps into it. In less than a second, the room becomes a flurry of flying bodies and fists. It’s a hurricane of flesh for the remaining half hour, half the time with only two members onstage. They close with ‘Standing In the Ocean’ to the massively out of tune cheers of the audience, but as they announce that this is the last track, you can sense the sorrow in the voices of this crowd. As much as they know this song will rule (which it most definitely does), this isn’t something they wish to be over.

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