I thought I’d pulled up surprisingly well after last night’s effort and I got through my day program with ease. With no recollection of how though, I realised I had injured my foot and, attempting to soldier on, I hobbled up Brunswick St for the first show of the night hoping I could hold out to see Client Liaison at the end of the night.

03_Pikelet (2)As I entered The Underdog, Pikelet was on stage and getting a bit of help from Nick Allbrook on bass who, as well as playing his own sets, also drummed for Peter Bibby the night before. Her somewhat experimental synth-based songs were going down a treat with the crowd, even though (as she pointed out) she was playing a bit too fast.

I headed down to The Crowbar where Toehider were powering through their technical difficulties and delivering an impressive performance of ‘I Don’t Really Know You That Well Yet’, even minus one guitar. Things seemed to be getting worse instead of better as the bass dropped out as well, but to their credit they still kept on going and they kept the crowd with them. Bandleader Mike Mills has a great stage persona and he’s a joy to watch and listen to.

Around the corner at The Elephant, Tully on Tully had pushed everything back with some technical difficulties so Coach Bombay was running quite late and while I thought they should have started by the time I arrived the crowd was left waiting for over 25 minutes while the band set up. A lot of the crowd were heading off, keen to just see some music, and I decided it was time to move on as well.

15_Tkay MaidzaOut on the JBL stage at The Brightside, Tkay Maidza was kicking arse and doing a great job proving that Aussie female rappers don’t have to be fancy to be talented. I get a real Santigold vibe and she doesn’t sound like an Aussie hip-hop artist which is a seriously good thing for her future prospects.

I decided to swing back to The Elephant to see how Coach Bombay was going and they had a decent crowd. Even the people who had showed up ‘in time’ to see Holy Holy were enjoying the party vibes. It’s a shame it was so delayed though because I could have stayed for much more if the stage had been running on time.

I dropped by Ric’s to catch a bit of Wax Witches, who were getting the hot room very sweaty with their awesome and frantic garage rock, before heading up to Alhambra for a short break ahead of Jeremy Neale.

39_Jeremy Neale (3)After a quick false start, Jeremy got back on track and the crowd quickly forgave him. Definitely Brisbane’s sweetheart, before I even realised it the Alhambra was packed and to my injury was finally getting the better of me. I hung around for a few songs, particularly enjoying ‘Swing Left’ before I decided to limp around the corner to Oh Hello! and hang out for Client Liaison.

I got there in time to catch the end of Little May’s set and they were fantastic, much bigger sound than I was anticipating and the lighting was really atmospheric and created an amazing mood. By now though the pain in my foot was unbearable and I was hardly paying attention so I figured my best bet was to call it a night and head off, without seeing Client Liaison after all.

Despite a much shorter night than Wednesday, I still felt like BIGSOUND Live really delivered something special and it’s totally worth going to. No matter what venue you get along to, there is always something great happening and the bands put in their all, even if there’s only a small crowd. I’m definitely looking forward to next year.

Wes Fahey

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