Brisbane’s Art of Sleeping hit town on their ‘Voodoo’ single launch tour on Friday and as I arrived at The Corner to check them out, the weekend vibe was alive and well. The crowd were a bizarre mix of rowdy and chilled while support Jesse Davidson did his absolute best to woo them, and seemingly got about 50% of the way there. His cover of The King’s ‘My Only’ didn’t seem to be making much of an impact until the other two members joined in, with fervour, and the song became an entirely different animal. The rowdiness in the crowd didn’t subside much, but they definitely seemed to be paying the Adelaide singer more attention from then until the end of his set, which was sadly only about 2 songs away.

The curtain seemed to open prematurely onto an empty stage, but before I knew it The Art of Sleeping had completely brought it to life. Not being overly familiar with their music, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but in just their first song they captured my attention entirely. The Brisbane 5 piece wasted no space, filling every inch of the Corner’s bandroom with their spectacular sound which, to my ears, sounded like a glorious amalgamation of Foals’ intricate instrumentation and the soulful vocals of Chet Faker. As I let the music engulf me, I watched some total strangers become new friends by sharing a free beer given to them by another stranger and I suddenly felt very optimistic about humanity.

New song ‘Jefferson’ was a highlight (and I assume it will also be a highlight of the new album) applying a somewhat mathematical approach by doubling the drums with the keyboard riff in a captivating and interesting rhythmic experience. ‘Voodoo,’ the single they were launching, was another great moment in the set and rightfully so. Every song was new to me, but when they played older songs like ‘Crazy,’ the crowd certainly made me realise why Art of Sleeping have garnered such universal appeal. Their music is incredibly technical but still manages to exude a vibe that is incredibly laid back and that is a rare and special thing.

Wes Fahey


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