I don’t often go out for Sunday night shows. It’s not a firm rule, but I generally prefer to stay home and recover from the weekend/recharge for the week ahead. This week I made an exception and headed to The Toff in Town to catch Alanna Eileen‘s EP launch.

Noah Earp was halfway through his set when I made my way into The Toff and the majority of tables were already occupied. The crowd were a bit rowdy, heckling during the breaks between songs, but Earp and band held them captive whenever they were playing. Their brand of folk, with its somewhat macabre undertones, was a great fit for the cool vibe of the evening, and it was obvious that Earp himself is masterful in the way he conducts the tension in the music.

Not long after the curtains closed they reopened onto the solitary figure of Alanna Eileen. Accompanied only by her guitar, the songstress was barely audible as she addressed the crowd, but let her songs do the talking. Her singing voice was both more powerful and more lovely than I expected, and her impeccable guitar picking was the perfect accompaniment. Despite the sparseness of the arrangements, the songs truly felt full which is something that not many similar artists can achieve. Even though she apologised for her nerves getting the better of her, Eileen gave a truly beautiful performance.

As for heading out on a Sunday, I certainly have no regrets.

Wes Fahey

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