Rounding up a selection of new videos out from local and international artists alike; ranging from the 80s kitsch of Jeremy Neale to a float through space courtesy of Jamie xx to the baroque inspired shadows of East India Youth.

King Parrot – Home Is Where The Gutter Is

Taken off King Parrot‘s new album Dead Set, this gnarly clip perfectly matches the Parrot’s brutal and thrashing ‘Home Is Where The Gutter Is’. Of the video, vocalist Matt Young explains, “There’s many people in the world forced into homelessness. Then there are people who just choose to be homeless and actually prefer to live that way. The lyrics and the video focus on these people should be entitled to live whatever way they choose. I think it’s one of the biggest fuck you’s to society a person can give and I admire it.”

Burn Antares – Vangablonde

Burn Antares’s video for their Tarantino inspired track Vangablonde, features a cross-dressed transgender version of their immensely talented bass player Tom Hoglund, providing a poignant commentary on issues relating to gender and sexuality.

East India Youth – Beaming White

Set against the new single from Culture Of Volume, East India Youth‘s latest video was directed by Mathy & Fren and sees William Doyle confined to the claustrophobic surroundings of a car in the darkness, slowly enveloped by an increasing amount of mysterious bodies.

Jeremy Neale – Hold On Together (feat. Phoebe Imhoff)

About the video, Jeremy Neale says, “I saw this amazing video of Mireille Matthieu and Patrick Duffy performing their song “Together We’re Strong” on an 80s variety show and it was just so incredibly awkward that I wanted us to have a go at something similar. I sent the example to the director Jennifer Embelton and she sent mentioned framing it from a film crews’ perspective ie. “I’ve Told Every Little Star” from Mulholland Drive. After a bunch of excited brainstorming and Jen being a total ace director, here’s what we ended up with. You can’t even tell I’d dislocated my knee the day before and had to stand on one leg for most of the shots. That’s the magic of cinema y’see”

Surfer Blood – I Can’t Explain

“The lyrics to ‘I Can’t Explain’ are about a romantic encounter on a New Year’s Eve, so we wanted the video to show the events of a New Year’s party sped up” Explains Surfer Blood‘s John Paul Pitts. “We ended up slowing down the song to half-tempo and choreographing all the background action in real time. This way the movement would appear to be sped up when played back at the normal tempo. Thankfully a lot of our friends showed up to help, I think a lot of them wanted an opportunity to throw cake at each other in their favorite bar…The video concept was created by our friend Ates Isildak: a local musician, videographer, promoter and clairvoyant.”

Jamie XX – Gosh

In anticipation of the forthcoming release of his highly anticipated debut album In Colour Jamie xx has revealed the video to album opener ‘Gosh’. Directed by Erik Wernquist, the video is a beautiful, subtle descent onto a foreign planet.

Cinema 6 – Cough Syrup

Cough Syrup is the first single from Melbourne’s Cinema 6. Directed by singer-guitarist Daniel Heeps, the lo-fi clip is about the self-medicated journey into sedation. Heeps explains “it’s messy and dirty but it’s just the start of a journey, we don’t know how this story ends yet so it’s not supposed to be nihilistic or depressing”.

The Shabbab – Baby’s Gonna Get Deported

Taken off The Shabbab‘s newest seven-inch, ‘Baby’s Gonna Get Deported’ is a black and white clip that’s surprisingly demure for the Melbourne four-piece that describes themselves as “Tarantino making love to the Gang of Four and giving birth to an even more punk rock Rachid Taha”.

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