Mike Waters – Gambling Man

About the filming for his single ‘Gambling Man’ Mike Waters said, “My very good friend Oli Sansom (An award-wining photographer) and I had wanted to make a music video together for a while. We had three requirements: It had to cost next to nothing (we had zero budget), needed a fast turn around, and we wanted it to be something we could both be proud of. It took many rehearsals and run-throughs…But it was definitely worth it. When we felt we were happy with the test takes, we turned our pockets out, hired a camera, set up some lights, and spent the day doing take after take. It was a hell of a lot of fun.”

Dan Cribb & The Isolated – The Last Time

As far as mesmerising celebrity appearances go, you’d be hard pressed to find a better star of your new video than a Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! regular, David Liebe Hart. And that’s exactly what Perth’s Dan Cribb & The Isolated have managed to do with this new video for ‘The Last Time’; resulting in a warm, good-humoured and engaging video.

The Pretty Littles – Man Baby

Having just announced a mini-album and upcoming tour, locals The Pretty Littles are also planning to weird you out with video for previously released track ‘Man Baby’. Full of blokes in ball gowns, ill-advised dancing lifts, and explosions of confetti, yeah it’s weird alright.

Drawcards – We Are The Future

The clip for the ‘We Are The Future was directed and filmed by Thomas Coutts, with vocalist of Drawcards, Paul Durkin, playing location scout. “I was scouting a location for weeks for an area that had a big enough open space with a thick, dusty, almost powdery surface. When hope of finding the perfect location was almost spent, I stumbled across an area near a construction sites which was a combination of fine mineral sands and crushed concrete fines on the surface, with native forest and a beautiful sunset as our backdrop. The dust (probably not the best for our health), combined with the forest backdrop and great lighting, both natural and artificial, made for some pretty spectacular footage on a very low budget.”

Tiger Choir – Shani

The ‘Shani’ video, according to Hobart’s Tiger Choir, takes “inspiration from karaoke stock footage, and the neon and night of Blade Runner & Wong Kar Wai, the Shani video is a no budget (almost) 3D Chinese karaoke singalong made with the help of friend Thom Hyland (Ivy St).”

Shamir – Darker

Shamir has shared a new music video for ‘Darker,’ a song taken from his debut release Ratchet. ‘Darker’ is a change of pace from his bouncy singles ‘On The Regular’ and ‘Call It Off,’ and showcases the Las Vegas native’s more spiritual side: “It doesn’t get darker, unless you expect it to.” In the music video, Shamir is alone in the Joshua Tree desert, singing as night magically turns into day into night again. Anthony Sylvester, who directed the video, used high-flying drones to film the entire performance.

Catfish And The Bottlemen – Hourglass

The video to ‘Hourglass’ stars Ewan McGregor and came about after frontman Van McCann refused to take no for an answer in his quest to meet his hero. After cutting the original lyric video to ‘Kathleen’ using Ewan Mcgregor film clips, he bombarded McGregor with tweets and even produced a ‘10 Reasons Why I Love Ewan McGregor’ video for Transmitter. Once the boys added the actor’s face to their drum skin and toured with it, McGregor eventually relented; took them out for breakfast in New York and starred in their new video.

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