Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

Directed by Arni & Kinski and shot in Iceland the band performs the enigmatic and entrancing anthem amidst a breathtaking and intricate backdrop. On the new video the band says “Working with Icelandic directors and an Icelandic crew was a new and enjoyable thing for us.” ‘Crystals’ is the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album.

cln – Hold Me

Last week cln released the first single ‘Hold Me’ of his anticipated second EP, this week he’s premiering the self-filmed and directed video for the track. “I decided to film, edit, and direct a film clip for ‘Hold Me’ myself, mainly so that I could have full control and be able to create a product that fits in with my vision of this song. This was a bit of a challenge, but I’m glad that I decided to take a one man approach, it was a good learning curve”.

Röyksopp – I Had This Thing

Taken from their 2014 album The Inevitable End, Röyksopp have released the video for single ‘I Had This Thing’. The video shows a battle between reason and desire, depicting a couple in love, separated after an argument. The girl is trapped in her car, witnessing apocalyptic scenarios unfold. We question if they ever are to be re-united as the world comes crashing down. Her love is the only person she wants to be with, but it’s too late.

Courtney Barnett – Dead Fox

Told in mutely coloured animations of animals tearing down on humans, Courtney Barnett‘s ‘Dead Fox’ is one of the brightest and poppiest tracks on the record, but also one of the most politically weighted. A powerful argument against the destructive powers of big business, raging against the death and destruction caused by corporations, simply to “bring us the best price”.

The Fjords – All In

Of latest video ‘All In’ vocalist Petter Vågan says, “The music video is ambiguous when it comes to drawing a line between reality and fantasy. Where the fantastical aspect ends and reality takes over, is up the individual viewer. Thematically you have the smaller, personal story – which is the young kid dealing with his oppressors. On a larger scale, we wanted to shed light on the incredible speed of technological developments, both in online social networks, gaming, TV, etc, and our place in it, as humans. We´re living amidst the biggest social experiment to date, and ethical boundaries can get blurry when we´re in the thick of it.”

Cosmic Psychos – Better, Not Bitter

Going all ‘Wolf Creek’ with their video for latest single ‘Better, Not Bitter’. Directed by Matt Weston (director of the Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust doco), the video was filmed on location at Psychos frontman Ross Knight’s farm, and gives a nod to the iconic Aussie horror flick Wolf Creek, with just as much guts and gore, but a whole lot more riffs.

Slaves – Cheer Up London

Taking the song’s title literally, the video sees Kent duo Slaves (Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent) launch a fun riot around London, transforming a heated road rage incident into a New Orleans-style street party.

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