Please introduce yourself.

Ben Wade, Vocals and guitars for Velvet Bow.

What is the most recent album you bought and why?

Active galactic – Delta Riggs
Cause was super down for some riggs disco after those singles

What are you most looking forward to about playing the east coast tour.

The tour is finished but getting north and away from Melbourne weather mid winter is an absolute treat. Playing shows is just a bonus

What can you share about writing  the new single ‘Lily Fuzz’?

It’s our first serious step to play some flat out pop. We have a lot of fun playing live and kind of go a bit silly when it comes to song forms etc. So this was a very joined effort to take a serious approach and give our producer Steve Schram something solid to work with

If you had to compare Velvet Bow to a type of beer (and you do), what would it be and why?

Victorian Bitter = Velvet Bow
We’ve been selling jumpers that have a knock off VB logo for the last year. They’re super popular and we’ve become pretty well associated with the drop amongst our mates in the process

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