Tia Gostelow has achieved a ridiculous amount in her career so far including launching her own record label. However, you know you’ve really made it when you get a Five by Five on WhatSound. Tia was kind enough to take a moment while on tour with The Rubens to chat to us.


Please introduce yourself
Heya, I’m Tia Gostelow and I’m a singer-songwriter from Queensland.

What can you share about the upcoming shows?
Lotsa new songs, and I guess were kind of experimenting with some new technology which will be so interesting to play with live, especially for my songs!

What has been the highlight so far for 2018?
Well I’m currently touring with The Rubens so I guess you could say that’s pretty huge!

What is the most recent album you have bought an why?
I haven’t bought an album in years! But the last album I’ve listened to would be Cigarettes After Sex’s self titled record.

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and what  weapon will you keep close at hand?
I’ve been waiting for this question my whole life. Okay so I’d probably go to a prison or some sort of highly protected and fenced off area. And I’d definitely have a gun near by, or maybe an axe. This sounds pretty morbid now I’ve written my answer out hahaha!


Listen to Tia’s latest track Hunger.

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