After a lengthy European tour and appearing at this year’s BIGSOUND, The Ruminaters are Melbourne bound while touring new EP I Used To Hate The Ruminaters, Now I Like Them. They stopped by for our quick 5×5.


Please introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Edward James Pierre Brennan. Most people call me Ted tho.

What can you share about the new single to be launched this week?

It’s called PSYCHOPATHIC BRAIN EXPLOSION! It’s a real fun track to play live and we actually recorded it at RAK Studios in London. We toured over their in May this year and did around 25 dates in Europe and the UK.

How is the tour going? What has been the highlight so far?

It’s been mad. We love gettin’ on the road.. We played in Brisbane over the weekend which was really fun.. The last time we were there was for BIGSOUND in September which was a crazy few days.. Heading to Melbourne on Friday for our show at The Gasometer. We love Melbourne.. Our bass player Jarleth says it is his “Happy place”.

What is the most recent album you have bought an why?

I bought a copy of the new Client Liaison record last week. I met Monte at my brothers wedding last year and i remember watching him create space on the dance floor and start a mad dance off with my uncle. Something i’ll never forget thats for sure.. Haha

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and what weapon will you keep close at hand?

Hmmm. I reckon New Zealand.. I love that place.. I’d build a Hobbit Hole in the shire and hope that i’ll never need to use my jousting sticks


Catch The Ruminaters live at The Gasometer Friday November 11th

Listen to the latest single Psychopasthic Brain Explosion! below.

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