Perth based 5 piece Shy Panther are gearing  up to release their self-recorded & self-produced debut LP Intermissions, Rhien from the group had a go at our Five by Five.

Please introduce yourself
Hello, we are a band called Shy Panther from Perth, Western Australia.

What can you share about the new single?
Well it doesn’t have a chorus, but it does kinda have a guitar solo.

Do you have a tour coming up to support or What has been the highlight so far for 2018?
We haven’t confirmed a tour at this point, but we definitely plan to play some shows over east soon – a couple of the guys are traveling next month, but we’ll have a range of shows to follow up the album when they’re back in town! One of our personal highlights this year was when Doug from Australia Post rang the doorbell with boxes of the record – it was nice to finally see some of the fruits of our labour in real life! We also supported Jordan Rakei earlier in the year, which was also in the highlights reel for sure.

What is the most recent album you have bought an why?

I bought James Muller Live at Wizard Tone because it has some of my favourite players on it and I like to support Australian Jazz.

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and what weapon will you keep close at hand?

Look, to be honest, we’d probably just stay in Perth during the zombie apocalypse. I don’t recon too many zombies would head this way. Does a Space Echo count as a weapon?

Listen to Shy Panther’s latest track Bullet Time below.

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