Half of SAATSUMA joins us for our fourth special Melbourne Music Week edition of Five by Five where we catch up with some of the artists featuring at this year’s event in the days leading up to the launch.


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Cesar Rodrigues, I am a Melbourne based producer and instrumentalist and am 1 half of SAATSUMA, an electronic band I started with my pal Memphis Kelly. Live I play synth and drop the tunes.

What are your feels about MMW?

It’s an honour to be involved w/ MMW. I’ve never played the festival, so to have been booked for 3 shows alongside some of my favourite artists and in my fave venues is pretty humbling. It’s such an impressive program to be a part of. The aesthetic is real nice… real real nice.

Who else will you be checking out at MMW?

Pretty much every other artist on the bill for the three shows we are playing are either bands I am in love with or bands I have been meaning to see. Definitely an honour to be on the same bill with Black Milk. That show is going to be pretty wild. Other notable mentions: Braille Face, Huntly, Dorsal Fins, Corin, Alice Ivy, Rat & Co, and Sui Zhen.

Who is currently your favourite Melbourne based artist?

I can only pick 1? I would have to say Fortunes. I have smashed their EP so much so, that I have to stop myself from playing it all the time cause I’m worried I’ll kill it before they drop their next release.

What can you tell us about your latest release?

Our latest release is a track called Floating which came out a few months ago. It was written as a collab between Memphis, Joel Ma and I over the course of 2015 alongside a handful of other tracks before we even conceived the idea of performing live as a band. Memphis’ lyrics address the condition of insomnia, something I occasionally have to navigate myself. We are currently spending most of our time writing and producing an upcoming album we hope to drop sometime in 2017. LIVE: Aside from the MMW week shows we have just announced a double bill show with Alice Ivy on December 15 at The Gasometer Hotel with Corin supporting (all playing MMW) which will be a massive vibe. We are also playing Paradise Music Festival.

What is your greatest live music experience?

Hmmm so many but I would have to say it would be the moment Rage Against The Machine dropped the final chorus/outro of Killing In the Name Of at a Big Day Out. I was a little washed up sitting on the grass further back, and I think I may have cried a little bit. I had never seen an audience go that nuts, I could feel it through the ground.

What is the most recent album your bought and why?

If you mean physical album, then it was the latest My Disco album Severe on wax. I have always been a big fan of what they do on record and live. It’s very demanding music and it’s hard to find a situation to play that record, but sometimes I come home for lunch and if there is nobody home I put it on, turn it up, and get dark…

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and what weapon will you keep close at hand?

I will be in my room watching Flight Of The Conchords, eating UberEats. Let me know when it’s over.


SAATSUMA appear no less than three times during Meloburne Music Week:

Imperium In Imperio, Friday 11th

Black Milk + SAATSUMA + Yeo ++ Thursday 17th

Sol-Lux Friday 18th

Watch the video for new single Floating below

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