Montaigne joins us for round 2 of our special Melbourne Music Week edition of Five by Five where we are catching up with some of the artists featuring at this year’s event.


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jessica Cerro (“seh-row”) AKA Montaigne, I’m from Sydney, my “style” is a borderline plagiaristic amalgamation of Arcade Fire and Talking Heads, and I play enough acoustic guitar and minimal piano.

What are your feels about MMW?:

I honestly have no preconceptions about MMW and have no idea what the heck generally happens but if this event is part of it then it must be a cool thing.

Who else will you be checking out at MMW?

It’s likely that I won’t be hanging along/free enough to check anything else out.

Who is currently your favourite Melbourne based artist?

She is VERY recently Melbourne based but she still qualifies for the criteria so Bec Sandridge. She toured with me on my last run and she’s just an angel and is a fabulous performer and writes great songs and has a spicy vibe.

What can you tell us about your latest release?

I just finished the Because I Love You tour which was, it signposted the beginning of my theatrical career I think, which is exciting, and I discovered my feminine side as the shows went by in fact. It was weird. I feel like a totally different person now, to what I was when I played the first show.

And my album, Glorious Heights, well, it’s still as relevant to myself as ever, and isn’t it interesting that so many people see it as highly #relatable to them too. What a crazy not-as-divided-as-we-thought-but-in-some-ways-more-divided-than-we-thought world it is.

What is your greatest live music experience?

I can’t answer this question from a performer’s perspective. I always feel ecstatic performing, and there aren’t really levels to that kind of ecstasy. It’s all just good feelings. From a punter’s perspective – Coldplay 2012. The stadium tour. Greatest night of my life. I feel like that was the closest I will ever get to feeling high without the involvement of a psychoactive substance.

What is the most recent album your bought and why?

I think it was maybe Vulnicura by Björk? I remember having this incessant desire (in this one discrete moment when I was sleeping at someone else’s house and feeling terrible about my life) to listen to the record but it wasn’t on Spotify and even though I didn’t really have much money to freely spend I needed it for the emotional therapy. So I got on iTunes and bought it. Totally worth it.

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and what weapon will you keep close at hand?

I won’t be hiding because my body is a weapon. Bring it. Haven’t you seen biceps? They’re huge.


Montaigne will perform live at Opening Night: Her Show Her Story this Friday 11th of November.

Listen to single Because I Love You from her debut album Glorious Heights below.

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